The gathering storm

Wet, wet, wet were a Scottish rock group formed in the 1980s – they would not have been amiss at Pattaya Country Club on Monday. Our 30 players teed off with no sign of the weather that soon was to appear. The alarm bells were ringing when Phil called to say it was raining Bilblical proportions in Pattaya. Although still dry, the dark clouds were forming in the distance. By the time our 4th group got to the turn the heavens opened and in time the greens in view from the club house were flooded. With most of the golfers returning to the club house to take shelter, it was doubtful if play would resume. Nine of our players decided it was time to go home. The remainder decided to wait it out and after about an hour, play restarted.

                With such heavy and wet conditions, it looked as if there would not be many good scores. Nobody told Petur Petursson this and the 7 handicapper from Iceland came storming home with 39 points. Young Min Ko, a recent Green Jacket winner was runner-up with 36 followed by Aniel Shah with 35. Other winners were Chris Barker, Torbin Lindgaard and Tony Browne.     


1st Place  Petur Petursson 39

2nd Place Young Min Ko 36

3rd Place Aniel Shah 35

4th Place Chris Barker 34

5th Place Torbin Lindgaard 33

6th Place Tony Browne 32

NP 05 Ray Clarke

NP 07 Tony Browne

NP 12 Sunny Khanna

NP 16 Alan Walker

BBF 9 Jackie Larsson 17

BB9 9 Takeshi Hakozaki 17