All of our 48 golfers were very complimentary about the condition of the course and greens at Bangpra in what is a true test of golf. It has to be said however that all 48 were not happy at the amount of time it took to play a round of golf with 5-1/2 hours being the average. The reason for this was the amount of 6/7 balls that were playing in front of us. Golf is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and although the 48 enjoyed the course, they did not enjoy the experience with the last bus arriving back at The Links at 7.30.

                Vic Hansen and Dave Arataki probably enjoyed the experience more than most by heading their Flights. It was Vic who just edged out Dave for the coveted Green Jacket.

                Due to a misunderstanding, there were only 2 near pins awarded. The prizes for the 2 that were not awarded will go towards the competition at Pleasant Valley on Friday the 3rd of March. 


FLIGHT A (0-18)

1st Place Vic Hansen (11) – 39

2nd Place Thierry Petrement (13) – 34

3rd Place Alex Bryant (12) – 33 c/b

4th Place Nick Aubin (4) – 33

5th Place Chris Barker (13) – 32 c/b

FLIGHT B (19+)

1st Place Dave Arataki (26) – 38

2nd Place Soren Hansen (19) – 36

3rd Place Gordon Laviolette (27) – 35

4th Place Mark Johnstone (20) – 31 c/b

5th Place Mauricette Deletraz (26) – 31

NP 02 Danny Miller

NP 08 Glen Elsworth

BF9 NW Roger Emery (19)

BB9 NW Laurie McBride (18)