With Phil away, Grant took over the presentation duties and can be seen here presenting Sunny with his Green Jacket.

Sunny wins on a sunny day although the omens were not good when we departed The Links with 28 golfers at 08.30 on Monday morning. It was raining then and as we moved up towards Pattana the rain got heavier. Upon arrival it had not let up and 8 of our group decided to head back. After a quick re-arrangement of the groups, our remaining golfers set off with the rain still coming down although easing off. By the time the last group teed off the rain had stopped and the sun broke through. Although wet underfoot, all the golfers got round dry and all commented how well Pattana had stood up to the dreadful weather we have had recently. The decision had aleady been taken before tee off to play from the forward yellow tees. With the forward tees and by now sunny conditions, there were some great scores.

                Five players scored 40 or more points which is unheard off. Commiserations to Wayne Peppernell and Darren See for scoring 40 points and not getting on the podium.


1st Place                Sunny Khanna – 43

2nd Place               Jimmy Carr – 42

3rd Place               Stuart Trevino – 41

NP A3                    Tony Browne

NP A8                    Petur Petursson

NP C2                    George Mueller

NP  C7                   Darren See

BF 9 N.W.            Wayne Peppernell – 23

BB 9 N.W.            Chris Barker – 19 c/b