With A course undergoing some major maintenance we were given C & D for our 6 groups on another perfect day for golf with cloud cover keeping the temperatures down.

            It was another very close run thing and with 1 group to come in, Nigel Henson was leading. Soren Hansen however managed to snatch victory at the death with 38 points for another Danish victory.

1st Place Soren Hansen (17) – 38

2nd Place Nigel Henson (12) – 36

3rd Place Bob Maluga (17) – 35 c/b

4th Place Young Min Ko (22) – 35 c/b

NP C05 Nigel Henson

NP C08 Wayne Langford

NP D02 Chris Barker

NP D08 N/A

BF9 NW Mark Johnstone – 20

BB9 NW Serge Straeten – 19