45 players faced a breezy Parichat on The Links last tournament of January. Between the wind and the waters hazards it was doubtful if we would see any good scores. The golfers were split into 2 Flights with Flight A being 0-16 and Flight B 17+.

As for the golf, it was Selwyn Yates who was the only player to break par with an excellent 38 points playing off 10. Selwyn is a star member of The Links pool team and is equally adept with a golf club in his hand as he is a pool cue.

It has to be mentioned that the organisation of the Parichat starter, Noy, and his staff when we arrived was one of the best we have encountered. Upon arrival, he asked to see our starting schedule and organised the bags of groups 1-12 in order. The caddies then collected the bags and put on carts in the correct order. It should also be said that unlike many clubs we have played at recently, there were plenty of caddies. Organisation of the top order.


Flight A (0-16)

1st Place Selwyn Yates (10) – 38

2nd Place John Carlton (9) – 35

3rd Place Jim McLean (7) – 34 c/b

4th Place Steve Moxey (13) – 34

Flight B (17+)

1st Place Mai (21) – 34 c/b

2nd Place Gordon Laviolette (27) – 34

3rd Place Darren See (18) – 33 c/b

4th Place George Mueller (17) – 33

Near Pin 02 Phil Ashton

Near Pin 06 Steve Moxey

Near Pin 11 Frank McArdle

Near Pin 14 JP Gasser

BF9 NW Nadine Goyons – 20

BB9 NW John Reps – 18