Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Treasure Hill………..Mon…Jun.3……….S/ford

John ( I played badly) Harrison Wins Again


This Monday was a new Public Holiday in Thailand so we were not sure how busy we would find Treasure Hill Golf Course. Happily, to our surprise, we were the only Society lining up for the 10.00 am tee time, and consequently got the first of our seven groups started 15 minutes earlier than that.

The weather was divided into two halves with the first half of the round being very hot, humid, and still, while the second half gave us some breezes and some quite heavy rain, causing a thirty minute delay.

The course is in excellent condition with fairways well grassed and firm, or that was until the rain came, and although the greens have recently been cored, have settled well with nice pace.


In the bus on the way home, John Harrison could be heard moaning how badly he had played and his handicap had an R, and it would have had everyone feeling sad for him. That is until he admitted to having a score of 38 points!  

In fact, as it happened, he won “A” flight and the Green Jacket for the best score of the day, his second in two weeks.

Takeshi Hakozaki returned to some good form to make 37 points for the second spot, then low handicapper, Bryan Dore took third with 35 points.

Not big numbers, but that is expected at Treasure Hill.

In the “B” flight, Colm O’Donovan, who wore the Jacket last week continued that form with 36 points to take first place a full five points ahead of a surprised Barry Elphick on 31 points.

Darren Beaver’s total of 30 points won the countback over John Anderson to grab the final place on the podium by making 20 points on the back nine. Not a good front nine Darren?


Near pins: Michael Wright (2), Colm O’Donovan (6), Peter Park (13), John Doyle (17)


“A” Flight (0-14)

 1st  Place – John Harrison (14 ) – 38 pts

2nd Place – Takeshi Hakozaki (13) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Bryan Dore (5) – 35 pts


“B” Flight (15+)

1st  Place – Colm O’Donovan (18) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Barry Elphick (28) – 31 pts

3rd Place – Darren Beavers (16) – 30 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winers) – Tommy Marshall – 20 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) – Gerd Riedler – 18 pts


Tommy Marshall was a contender for the “silly hat” by leaving his locker wide open with the key in and heading to the tee. But a second contender came with the discovery during presentations of empty pink envelopes being handed out.

It was put to a vote for which was the winner. Tommy had a few, but the big cheer went for the empty envelopes. Everyone thought they were voting for Maurice to wear the hat, but were shocked when Phil called out Moon.

She only had one job, that was to fill the envelopes and, because she forgot, became the first non-golfer to wear the “silly hat”.

 Poor Maurice was innocent.

Just another fun day at Pattaya Links Golf.