Pattaya Links Golf Society………Treasure Hill………..Fri…Sept.20………..S/ford

Hutchinson Survives The Wet


After being washed out at Eastern Star two days previously, thirty two excited players decided that it couldn’t happen twice in a row, so off we went to Treasure Hill.

It becomes tiring writing about how good some of these courses are, but we have to do it again as Treasure Hill was once again presented beautifully. Fairways were all freshly mown, but the rough had not been and so became difficult to play from, but that’s why it is there, I guess.

The greens, although in very good condition, were a little slower than normal here, and didn’t get any quicker after the rain.

The rain, oh, the rain. Just as two days before, it started as a drizzle and grew heavier before abating. After another a few minutes more play it returned to heavy, causing plenty of stoppages, and so this became the pattern for at least a couple of hours.

Nine players retired but the competition was completed with, due to the conditions, not big scores.


Derek Hutchinson, a relative newcomer to Links, came through the water to take the “A” flight” win and his first Green Jacket with an impressive 39 points.

The steady game of Bill Copeland again saw him in the placings, playing to handicap with 36 points, while scratch golfer, Richard Fearby took third spot on 34 points.


The “B” flight had Colin Service in the frame again. He may not think 33 points was that good, but it was enough to win the flight.

Evergreen “silly hat” wearer Ritchie McIntosh was determined to not wear it in his last game before heading back to work, so scored 32 points for second place. Alex Sala, in his second game this trip rounded out the podium with 31 points.


Near pins:  Richard Fearby ( A flight), Maurice Roberts (A flight), Colin Service (B flight), one pin went unclaimed.


“A” Flight (0-14)

1st  Place – Derek Hutchinson (14) -39 pts

2nd Place – Bill Copeland (12) -36 pts

3rd Place – Richard Fearby (0) – 34 pts


“B” Flight (15+)

1st  Place – Colin Service (16) – 33 pts

2nd Place – Ritchie McIntosh (28) – 32 pts

3rd Place – Alex Sala (26) – 31 pts


Best Front Nine (non winners)  – Alan Walker – 17 pts c/back

Best Back Nine (non winners)  – Paul Durkan –  17 pts c/back


Phil decided that, due to many not finishing, it was unfair to present the booby prizes to someone who had completed the round, so would leave them in the bag.

Phew!. But wait! One player had become very emotional and, using his seven iron, wanted to teach a tree a lesson. When next he took that club the grip area was somewhat sagging. Yes, the club was snapped at the top. ( Phil presented exhibit A)

So it was that Ritchie McIntosh did not avoid the “silly hat”, we bid him adieu. See you soon Ritchie, we will keep it warm.