Pattaya Links Golf Society………Treasure Hill……….Fri…May.10……….S/ford

Pete Seil Breezes Around Treasure Hill


There are those who dislike playing at Treasure Hill for their own reasons, but that didn’t stop thirty enthusiastic golfers boarding the buses and leaving Links about 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Checking in was easy, as usual, and to our pleasant surprise, the price had been reduced from 1400 bht to 1250 bht all in. Thank You.

Down to the first tee where the first of our two three-balls got away before our 10.00 am tee time into a nice little breeze and much more pleasant conditions than the past few hot weeks.

The condition of the course is still very good with nice grassed fairways and short, but tough rough. Maintenance of the greens has started and so we found plenty of light sand and some not running as well as they would normally. However, still some of the best greens around.

We ran two flights today with the cut at 15.


We have known of big scores at this course, but not often, so it came as no surprise that only one player was able to play to handicap.

Pete Seil scored 36 points from his  handicap of 6, to take out “A” flight and get to wear The Green Jacket again. Of course, his 78 gross was the best of the round.

Andrew Purdie who is still in very good form was 4 points behind in second place, while Phil Davies won a countback to hold down third place, scoring 31 points, in his first game since returning from Wales, in fact his first for some weeks.

The “B” flight was tight at the top needing a countback to separate first and second. Donal McGuigan had the better finish to hold out Mike Firkin in another good game from him. Both having 35 points.

Third place went to John Anderson with 33 points to maintain his good form at Treasure Hill.


Near pins: Lee Rodman (2), Stan Stewart (6), Donal McGuigan (13), Tony Molan (17)


 “A” Flight (0-15)

 1st  Place – Pete Seil (6 ) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Andrew Purdie (9) – 32 pts

3rd Place – Phil Davies (11) – 31 pts c/back


“B” Flight (16+)

1st  Place – Donal McGuigan (20) – 35 pts c/back

2nd Place – Mike Firkin (24) – 35 pts

3rd Place – John Anderson (30) – 33 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winers) – Bernie Ward – 16 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) – Craig Brodey – 18 pts c/back


First timer at Links, Keiran Maund “won” a three-way countback for lowest score on a nine to wear the “silly hat” for his first time. He would hope it was the last..

Mick Bunn has now had a couple of games with us and managed the lowest score of the day and he sported the “wig”, also a first time.

Having much more pleasant weather and no hold-ups most finished the round in close to four hours. With all that and a fine golf course, plus the welcomed lower price, what more could you ask?