Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Royal Lakeside……….Mon..Jan.27……..S/ford

Scratch Card Wins Green Jacket for Durkan


The Pattaya Links Golf Society tried hard to clog up the highway on Monday, 27th January as fifty-two golfers travelled in various modes of transport to Royal Lakeside to play a stableford competition in three flights, divided at fourteen and under, fifteen to twenty and twenty-one and above.


Two tees had been offered and gratefully accepted and play got underway on time on a course in very good condition, as usual. However, the PLGS overlooked the propensity for Thai starters to block the passage of tournament golfers, as they inserted Thai golfers at the tenth and caused a five-hour-plus round for more than half the field. It was to be a long day.


Scores were excellent and in the third flight Stuart Thompson was fourth with 34 points, following Keith Melbourne in third with 37. The runner-up was Larry Slattery on 38 points and the winner was John Masters, scoring forty points on his final round this trip.


The second flight found a podium place for Masa Sugaya, his first this trip, with 36 points. Third place went to Stuart Kidd with another sub par round, this time 39 points. Forty points gave Thorsten Jodehl second place and the flight was won by Rana Gurnam with 42 points, much to sparring partner, Mr. Phil’s, chagrin.


In the top flight the four principals all recorded high scores with Colm Lawlor taking fourth with 38 points and Pierre Cere going one better to find a rare but long overdue podium place with 39 points. Scottish golfer Ian Bell’s round was another example of a low handicapper enjoying fine course conditions as he was runner-up with 42 points. The day’s best score was 45 points – scratch scoring by Paul Durkan, who took the Green Jacket in style, his second in the last two weeks. It was an exceptional effort by Paul and represented the best PLGS points score at the course across almost forty visits.


Near pins went to Andrew Purdie, Paul Durkan, Colm Lawlor, Masa Sugaya, Gordon Laviolette, Stuart Thompson, David da Caminada and Einar Widness.


The long day ended with good humour as Mr. Phil presented the brunette ‘wig’ to a blonde lady golfer. Nicole Gerstenberg, still very much a novice, for her poor round and Jason Gillespie managed the ‘silly hat’ on his first round this trip with the lowest recorded nine hole score.


Now, with a two tee start promised for our next visit in February, it is hoped the Starter at Royal Lakeside gives it some thought and delays Thai groups starting in the middle of a tournament. We live in hope!



 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-14)

1st  Place – Paul Durkan (9) – 45 pts

2nd Place – Ian Bell (7) – 40 pts

3rd Place – Pierre Cere (14) – 39 pts

4th Place –  Colm Lawlor (14) – 38 pts


 “B” Flight (15-20)

1st  Place –  Rana Gurnam (15) – 42 pts

2nd Place – Thorsten Jodehl (15) – 40 pts

3rd Place – Stuart Kidd (16) – 39 pts

4th Place –  Masa Sugaya (20) – 36 pts c/back


‘C’ Flight ( 21+)

 1st  Place – John Masters (24) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Larry Slattery (21) – 38 pts

3rd Place – Keith Melbourne (34) – 37 pts

4th Place –  Stu Thompson (21) – 34 pts c/back


Best Front Nine  ( non winners)….David DeCaminada….22 pts

Best Back Nine  (non winners)…..Steve Moxey ….18 pts c/back