Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Royal Lakeside……….Mon..Feb.24……..S/ford

The Moxey and Miller Show at Lakeside


As our bus entered the driveway of Royal Lakeside Golf Club one of the passengers was impressed, seeing the clubhouse for the first time, and he hadn’t been inside yet.

Check-in was efficient, except for Moxey, who often has a problem or drama, but once sorted it was out to find our caddies.

One starter seemed to have a problem understanding a two tee start, but another marshal sorted it and sent 5 of our 13 groups to the 10th tee. The first groups from both tees got away right on schedule and had a smooth run for the round.

As always, this course is in fine condition, although it was somewhat surprising to see brown tinges appearing on the fairways, it was still grass, only a different colour.

The greens are near perfect and nice to putt on.

We have come to expect big scores here and today there were some ‘biggies’.


Dave Arataki played in a group with a seven handicapper and a scratch marker. It must have inspired him as he scored a great 41 points to win ‘C’ flight.

Tip Briney had one of his good days to have 38 points and take second spot on countback from the improving Gordon Laviolette.


‘B’ flight also had some big scores and the biggest was a 45 point haul from Charles Miller, a Green Jacket winner a week or so back.

Phil Davies playing in ‘B’ flight is a most unusual thing, but he was, and took second place with 42 points.

We haven’t seen Donal McGuigan for a while but he made an impressive return to the group by taking third spot with 39 points.


The big scores kept coming as Steve Moxey scored the other 45 points of the day to win ‘A’ flight and later wear the Green Jacket for the second time in a month.

Russell Exley has really got his game together recently and recorded 42 points for second place.

Connie Walsh scored 38 points to grab third spot on countback over scratch marker, Garry Barker.

Garry had best gross of 70 in his first game this trip.


Near Pins ‘A’ flight: Charles Miller (x2), Garry Barker, Connie Walsh

Near Pins ‘B’ flight: Gordon Laviolette (x2), John Chelo, Niall Caven


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-14)

1st  Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 45 pts

2nd Place – Russell Exley (10) – 42 pts

3rd Place – Connie Walsh (12) – 38 pts


 “B” Flight (15-22)

1st  Place –  Charles Miller (18) – 45 pts

2nd Place – Phil Davies (15) – 42 pts

3rd Place – Donal McGuigan (20) – 39 pts


‘C’ Flight ( 23+)

 1st  Place – Dave Arataki (27) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Tip Briney (24) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place – Gordon Laviolette (24) – 38 pts


Best Front Nine  ( non winners)….Dave Hewson….22 pts

Best Back Nine  (non winners)…..Pierre Cere ….21 pts


Dave Hewson brought two mates to play at Links, Paul Sales and Richard Sunderland.

They were not the first to mark a stableford card the wrong way round and confuse the scorers, but they were the latest, so Phil decided that one got it wrong and the other didn’t correct him so they had a ‘wig’ and ‘silly hat’ between them.

Royal Lakeside lived up to it’s reputation with plenty of points scored.