Pattaya Links Golf Society………Rayong Green Valley………Wed.. Oct.2………S/ford

Jacket a Perfect Fit for Kevin


When we went to Green Valley a month ago for the first time in a long time, it was being prepared for a Singha Competition and was in very good shape.

Happy to say now, that standard has been kept up and the course is looking very good.

The fairways have benefited from recent rains and, in fact, it was no carts on fairways for many fairways, but not all. The greens played well, but there were some tricky pin placements.

The weather was certainly very warm but without the odd relieving breeze that we have had other days.

It has been almost three weeks since Kevin LaBar wore the Green Jacket. He has taken a liking to it as he showed again today how perfectly it fits him.

Kevin’s score of 40 points had him in front, but close behind were two players on 39 points.

Francis McGuigan, in a rare visit to Links, won that countback from another who we have not seen for some time, Gabriel Enright.

George Mueller sat on his own at the 34 points mark for fourth place, followed by another countback for fifth and sixth.

This was a three-way contest with all on 33 points, where Bill Stewart had the best back nine to beat Mike Firkin, while Rowan Lucas, in his last game this trip, was unlucky to miss out.


Near Pins : Bill Copeland (A flight), Tip Briney x 2 (B flight), and once again one “A’ flight pin went begging.


Winners at Green Valley

 1st Place – Kevin LaBar (12) – 40 pts

2nd Place –  Francis McGuigan (16) – 39 pts c/back

3rd Place –  Gabriel Enright (17) – 39 pts

4th Place –  George Mueller (15) – 34 pts

5th Place –  Bill Stewart (20) – 33 pts c/back

6th Place –  Mike Firkin (24) –  33 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners )……Wayne Peppernell………….19 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)……..Andrew Purdie………………20 pts


Bryan Barrell and Iain Craigen both expected some headwear, just which way around.

Bryan wore the “silly hat” for 9 points on a nine and Iain had his favourite “wig” for lowest score.


Regular readers may wonder why six places!

At Links, the organizers are usually able to breeze through the day, all systems work. BUT there are some days where people cannot fall into line. Late nights, no phone calls, yes, I am, no I’m not etc. Maurice changed the envelopes five times between 7.00 am and 8.44 am. Two flights, no, one flight, no…

In the end “ just do six places, phew!”. Normal calm will resume tomorrow.