Pattaya Links Golf Society………Plutaluang.…East/South……….Fri..May.31……..S/ford

Colm Makes A Triumphant Return


Twenty four golfers made a quick dash for the buses as rain began to tumble just at our departure time, as we headed for Plutaluang Royal Navy Course. The rain was intermittent en route and we hoped for the best, weather wise.

At this time of regular and necessary maintenance of courses, some players gripe about the condition of greens, tee boxes et al but the course will be better for it.

With the East and South tracks here, we are not so sure. They seem to have been let go for a while. The notice indicated that green speed was 6.5. This seemed a bit optimistic as putts were stopping short and, with grass growing over the lip, appeared to have not changed positions for some days.

There is a tournament taking place over the week-end and we wonder which combination that will be on?

With a below standard golf course we had plenty of below standard scores today. However, there is always one, or in this case, two, who defy the odds.


Colm O’Donovan left for Aus. in January, but since then has played golf with some mates in KL and Hua Hin. Arriving back to Pattaya he came to visit Links. Got the Green Jacket right away with a solid, evenly paced score of 40 points. 20 pts on each nine is very good going.

A long way off in second place in “A” flight was another returnee, John Doyle, with 34 points. That’s not bad with a 9 handicap. Third place was controversial but was awarded to Michael Wright with 33 points.

Tip Briney has had a great week. 39 points on Monday, followed by 43 points on Wednesday and today another 39 points to round it off, and win “B” flight, seven points clear of Torben Lindgaard’s 32 points with Donal McGuigan again on the podium taking third spot with 29 points on countback.

Don’t tell Colm or Tip the greens were not good. Ask Tip how many twenty footers he holed.


Near Pins: Colin Service (E2), Phil Davies (E5), Darren Beavers (S13), Michael Wright (S16).


“A” Flight (0-18)

1st  Place – Colm O’Donovan (18 ) -40 pts

2nd Place – John Doyle (9) -34 pts

3rd Place – Michael Wright (7) – 33 pts


“B” Flight (19+)

1st  Place – Tip Briney (28) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Torben Lindgaard (26) – 32 pts

3rd Place – Donal McGuigan (19) – 29 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Peter Park…17 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) – Barry Oats…15 pts c/back


Michael Wright lost Boss Phil’s score card on Wednesday and had to wear the “silly hat”.

Today a misdemeanor on his own score card should have resulted in disqualification, but a hastily called meeting of adjudicators allowed his score to stand. Maurice paraded the card around for all to see while Phil placed the “silly” on Michael yet again.

From the heady heights of a pair of 42 pts in the past week, Darren Beavers came crashing back down to score 16 points and wear the “wig’. Happens to us all.