Pattaya Links Golf Society…………Pleasant Valley………..Fri. Mar.1……….S/ford

Blue Skies, Red Dragons and Green Jacket for Big Phil


March 1st is St David’s Day and is special for Welsh people everywhere. Just how would the PLGS’ small contingent of Welsh golfers fare at Pleasant Valley in their Friday golf? Pretty well is the answer.

Forty two golfers made up the field which was divided into two flights at seventeen and under and play got away on a decently prepared course on time and under blue skies. A fresh breeze made the conditions comfortable and a good competition ensued.


In the top flight three points covered the top five golfers with Chris Barker taking fifth place with 34 points, losing on c/back to Dennis Eager. Third place saw Steve Truelove return 35 points with Masa Takano, playing his swansong round this trip, taking second with 36 points. The flight winner was Welshman Phil Davies with 37 points. “Chwarae da iawn” Phil!


In the second flight scores mirrored the top flight with Mike Firkin losing on c/back to Alan Walker with 34 points. In third place was Icelandic golfer Bjorgvin Hallgrimsson with 35 points, a couple behind Welshman Len Jones, runner-up with 37 points. The best score of the day was recorded by Phil Mitchell who returned in the final group with a score of 38 points.


Near pins went to Phil Davies (5). Dennis Eager (13) and Masa Takano (8 and 17) whilst the best front nine score (non winners) was logged by Paul Durkan at 19 points, John Chelo taking the award for his 18 points on the back nine.


The third Welshman in the field, Mark Oliver belied his nine handicap status to return an embarrassing meagre points total and wore the “wig” with panache, whilst Bryan Barrell did not wake up until the back nine having only recorded a brace of points to secure yet another “silly hat” award.


It had been a fine day’s golf, St David’s honour had been preserved and “Big” Phil Mitchell deservedly would have worn the Green Jacket had he returned to the Links on time. Instead Mr Len was given that honour. Happy Saint David’s Day, one and all.


 “A” Flight (0-17)

1st  Place – Phil Davies (12 ) -37 pts

2nd Place – Masa Takano (8) -36 pts

3rd Place – Steve Truelove (10) – 35 pts

 4th Place – Dennis Eager (17) – 34 pts c/back

5th Place –  Chris Barker (12) – 34 pts


“B” Flight (18+)

1st  Place – Phil Mitchell (24) – 38 pts

2nd Place – Len Jones (31) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Bjorgvin Hallgrimsson (22) – 35 pts

4th Place –  Alan Walker (27) – 34 pts c/back

5th Place –  Mike Firkin (25) -34 pts