Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Pleasant Valley………Fri. Feb.21…….S/ford

Buchanan Bucks the Wind at Pleasant Valley


Pleasant Valley was the venue for the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Friday, 21st February. The course was in good condition with greens that held some pace, but the main feature of the day was a strong wind, a rare event there in the shade of the hills and it had a serious bearing on the day’s golf.

Acting as a real leveler, it kept scores in check and tightened up the top places. with the top ten all within four stableford points.

With two divisions in play, cut at sixteen and under, the eleven group field got underway on time and the very full course saw groups make progress without too much delay.


In the second flight fifth place went to Pat Murphy with 35 points, countback placing Dave Ritchie above him in fourth. A three-way tie at the top saw third place go to Dave Arataki with 38 points, losing on countback to Gordon Laviolette for runner-up. Gordon also lost out on countback for the winner’s slot as Len Jones produced an excellent 24 points on the back nine to take the win.


In the top flight fifth place went to Andy Kelleher with 35 points, Rana Gurnam nosing ahead into fourth on countback. Third place went to Tommy Marshall with 37 points, with Paul Tedesco’s better back nine giving him second place on the same score.

Scotsman Bill Buchanan is no stranger to playing in the wind – “if it’s breezy, swing easy” – and his winning round of 39 points gave him the Green Jacket.

Best front nine ( non winners) went to John Mason (19 points) with John Pearce taking the envelope for the best back nine (non winners) with 21 points.


Near Pin ‘A’ flight: Billy Buchanan, Tommy Marshall, Tony Browne, Russell Exley

Near Pin ‘B’ flight: Bryan Barrell, Masa Sugaya, Len Jones, Pat Murphy


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-16)

1st  Place – Billy Buchanan (13) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Paul Tedesco (10) – 37 pts c/back

3rd Place – Tommy Marshall (6) – 37 pts

4th Place –  Rana Gurnam (12) –  35 pts c/back

5th Place –  Andrew Kelleher (11) – 35 pts


 “B” Flight (17+)

1st  Place –  Len Jones (29) – 38 pts c/back

2nd Place – Gordon Laviolette (25) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place – Dave Arataki (28) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Dave Ritchie (17) – 35 pts c/back

5th Place –  Pat Murphy (25)  – 35 pts.


Best Front Nine “C” ( non winners)….John Mason….19 pts

Best Back Nine “A” (non winners)…..John Pearce ….21 pts


The absence of the booby winners was noted and the ‘wig’ and ‘silly hat’ were kept under wraps until the next round.

Thus, the week ended with a real test at Pleasant Valley.