Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Pattavia…………Wed…Jan.1-20……..Paul Smith Roars Around PattaviaS/ford

Paul Smith Roars Around Pattavia


The one thing that golfers almost always say about Pattavia Century is that the course is in good to excellent condition.

Bearing in mind there has not been much rain around, the ground staff have kept up the standard and, even though the rough is browning, the fairways are green and nice to play from. The greens now are much tamer than past times but still present a challenge on the downhill putt, as many who three putted found out.

After two no-shows, who indicated they would get to the course themselves, but didn’t, a quick rearrangement of groups was done and thirty golfers set off in much the same weather as per the past week or so.


Rick Pope wore the Green Jacket with a good win on Xmas Day and carried that form into today with 36 points to win the ‘B’ flight, but had to survive a countback over Niall Caven who has found some form again.

Third place went to Derek Phillips with his score of 34 points, winning a three way countback.


When you have a low, single figure handicap, as Paul Smith does, you can’t afford many mistakes. Paul’s gross score of 71 suggests that he made few, if any today. That equated to 41 stableford points and the win fine in ‘A’ flight.

Phil Davies has been back in form the past few games and has done well again to score 37 points to take second spot.

Peter Lacey played his first game at Links at the start of December and has played so well that his handicap has gone from 16 to 14 in that short time. He was there again today with a good score of 36 points, winning third place on countback.


Near Pins: Mike Firkin (4), Lachlan Gotz (7), Jim Ferris (13), David Dunne (17).


‘A’ Flight ( 0-15)

1st  Place – Paul Smith (4 ) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Phil Davies (14) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Peter Lacey (14) – 36 pts c/back



 “B” Flight (16+)

1st  Place – Rick Pope (21) – 36 pts c/back

2nd Place – Niall Caven (23) – 36 pts

3rd Place – Derek Phillips (16) – 34 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Kevin LaBar – 18 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) –  Bill Copeland  – 20 pts.


At presentations, Phil regaled those present with the story of ‘Jam Boy” from the time of the British Raj in India. This was due to Rana Gurnam telling stories on the tee boxes during the round. He was in line for the ‘silly hat’ but Phil decided that there would be no ‘silly hat’ or ‘wig’ today, new year and all that.

Paul Smith didn’t return to Links to wear the Green Jacket, so we have dragged out a photo from one of his other Green Jacket occasions.