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Chris Swaps “silly hat” For Green Jacket


A group of our regulars are on a golf trip to Vietnam, and a couple of others are on the sick list, but we still had 27 keen players ready to hit the greens at Pattavia Century.

The day was fine, very warm and a little tiring with, again, no threat of the afternoon rains.

As always, this course was presented in fine condition with nice fairways and, although the greens had been lightly sanded, they still had pace, particularly downhill, and three putts became reluctantly accepted.

Maurice is in the Vietnam troupe so kept it simple in the morning by deciding to have one flight with six places.


On Monday, Chris Barker wore the green “silly hat” for an indiscretion of golf etiquette, not for a low score.

Today he obeyed the rules and posted the top score of 40 points to wear the other green thing.

Five days ago, Mike Firkin wore the Green Jacket and just missed out today, but scored a grand 39 points to win a countback, he had 25 points on the back nine, from another in-form player, Rod Weekes.

Jim Ferris has bounced back after a lay off and his 37 points beat last start winner, Wayne Peppernell, on another countback.

Garry Hookey rounded out the podium with 36 points.

Some very good scoring on a not so easy course.


Near Pins: Bill Fulton (4), Rod Weekes (7), Garry Hookey (13), Larry Slattery (1


Winners at Pattavia

1st Place -Chris Barker (14) – 40 pts

2nd Place -Mike Firkin (24) – 39 pts c/back

3rd Place -Rod Weekes (15) – 39 pts

4th Place –Jim Ferris (23) – 37 pts c/back

5th Place –Wayne Peppernell (17) – 37 pts

6th Place –  Garry Hookey (18) – 36 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Chris Walsh – 17 pts c/back

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Gavin Lang  – 21 pts.

Ian Barclay carried on the tradition of newbies by wearing the “wig” on their first outing with Links. He had the lowest points score today.

His good buddy, Richie McIntosh, is no stranger to the crazy headwear and got to wear the “silly hat” to join Ian and Chris for the photo op.

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