Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Pattavia……………Wed..Mar.13……S/ford

Bibby’s First Green Jacket


The Pattaya Links Golf Society returned to Pattavia on Wednesday, 13th March, not without some trepidation having heard the day before that the greens were back to their pacey best. However, Pattavia’s management had decided to water them earlier in the day and they were certainly more amenable for the earlier starters. Fairways were good, with run and the day stayed hot.


The field was divided into two flights, cut at eighteen and under and the quality design made for some competitive golf.


In the top flight the Links’ rivalry between Phil Davies and Maurice Roberts invoked countback as they both recorded 36 points but Maurice retained the bragging rights and took fourth place. In third was Paul Greaves with countback taking him above Maurice. The runner-up was Kevin La Bar with 37 points but the winner was Paul Smith with countback deciding in his favour as his 37 points reflected his best gross of 75. A splendid display indeed.


Things were a little more clear cut in the second flight as Greg Gawron took fifth place on his return with 34 jet-lagged points, one behind fourth placed John Tallett. In third was Richard Dobson with 37 points and runner-up was Links stalwart Tip Briney with 38 points.

The best points score of the day was returned by David Bibby and he took his first green jacket with a solid 39 points.

Near pins were won by Greg Gawron (5), John Evans (7), Pete Seil (12) and Richard Dobson (17)


The consolation awards for the best nines went to Petur Petursson (19 on the front nine) and Mike Davies (20 on the back nine).


 “A” Flight (0-18)

1st  Place – Paul Smith (4 ) -37 pts c/back

2nd Place – Kevin LaBar (13) -37 pts

3rd Place – Paul Greaves (16) – 36 pts c/back

4th Place – Maurice Roberts (11) – 36 pts c/back

5th Place –  Phil Davies (12) – 36 pts c/back


“B” Flight (19+)

1st  Place – David Bibby (19) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Tip Briney (26) – 38 pts

3rd Place – Richard Dobson (26) – 37 pts

4th Place – John Tallet (25) – 35 pts

5th Place –  Greg Gawron (19) – 34 c/back


As usual Mr Phil left the booby awards till last and after much teasing Chris Walsh was presented with the “wig” for his poor score whilst the “silly hat” was sported at a jaunty angle by Mr “Rocky”, one of Melbourne’s less accomplished golfers, after a poor show on the front nine.

Pattavia never disappoints and always seems to draw some fine scores, despite the testing nature of the greens.