Pattaya Links Golf Society………Pattavia…………..Mon..July.29………S/ford

Back to Back for Geoff Wallace

Photo: Geoff Wallace with Alan White (L) and Richie McIntosh (R)


Geoff Wallace earned his second Green Jacket in succession as he turned in a great 39 points to be the top scorer at Pattavia as the “B” flight winner.

Mike Firkin has returned from a short trip to Australia to take his second podium finish in two games, with a nice 35 points.

Colin Service thought his 34 points was a bit meagre, however, he won third spot on countback.

All easy there but “A” flight provided plenty of thrills when four players scored 38 points but there was only room on the dais for three of them.

After close countbacks it was Dave Hewson who emerged on top. Kevin LaBar did well for second beating off Les Cobban while Takeshi was the unlucky one to miss out. He did, however, pick up a near pin as some sort of consolation.

Pattavia Course was in, as usual, very good condition. The bunkers are being up-graded with new sand and the greens caught a few unaware with the lack of the pace, although still running true.

The weather became overcast and relatively cool with a nice breeze throughout.

Near pins:  Les Cobban (4), Dave Hewson (7), Takeshi Hakozaki (13), Paul Durkan (17)


 “A” Flight (0-14)

1st  Place – Dave Hewson (9 ) -38 pts c/back

2nd Place – Kevin LaBar (12) -38 pts c/back

3rd Place – Les Cobban (7) – 38 pts c/back


“B” Flight (15+)

1st  Place – Geoff Wallace (16) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Mike Firkin (22) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Colin Service (17) – 34 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Wayne Peppernell – 19 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Paul Smith – 19 pts


A nice surprise awaited, as not only did Pattavia not charge Public Holiday price, but actually even less than that showing on our rates chart. 1350 bht all in was our price. Thank You Pattavia.


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