Pattaya Links Golf Society………….Pattavia……………Fri..Jan.25…………S/ford

A Day of Silly Hats


When we received the news late afternoon before the game that the course we “thought” we were booked at told us we had no booking, it started a day where there was just not going to be enough “silly hats” to go round.

The Management at Khao Kheow were helpful and checked to find that we were booked at Pattavia this day, and Pattavia confirmed that. No idea who to blame, so we won’t.

After a couple of no-shows we arrived at the Golf Course with forty-six players who had taken the change of venue in their stride, thanks to all.

Our eleven groups started pretty much on time and, as you might expect with a large number, the pace of play was a little slower, but our group, number six, finished the round in about four and a half hours, not too bad.

The round started in nice breezy, comfortable conditions, but that changed to hot and humid later in the day.

This course maintains it’s excellent standard and, although the surrounds are drying out, the fairways are kept green and mown and are in top condition.

The tee boxes are looking untidy, but it is obvious there are upgrades happening there.

The greens are what we usually expect here, fast, true and tricky. Three putts are considered the norm.

Three flights today at 0-14, 15-21, 22 plus and a long putt prize in addition to the normal near pins.

No huge scores with only three players able to play to handicap or better.


“A” flight saw a count back for first with still in-form Maurice Roberts holding out Rana Gurnam at the 36 points mark. In third came Oscar Gabella with 33 points ahead of Andy Kelleher on 30 points.

Jeff Carew produced the best score of the day with 38 points to easily take first spot in “B” flight. John Hughes was in the placings again on 35 points ahead of Larry Slattery on 34 points, while Phil Burton won a countback for fourth position on 33 points.

Only 34 points but it was good enough to give Kenny Jepson another win in the “C” flight. Greg Thompson had 32 points just ahead of Gordon Loviolette on 31. Tip Briney won a countback for fourth with 26 points.

Near pins: Masa Takano, Paul Smith, Michael Blumhagen, Simon Eely


“A” Flight (0-14)

1st  Place – Maurice Roberts (12 ) -36 pts c/back

2nd Place – Rana Gurnam (13) -36 pts

3rd Place – Oscar Gabella (5) – 33 pts

4th Place – Andy Kelleher (9) – 30 pts


“B” Flight (15-21)

1st  Place – Jeff Carew (15) – 38 pts

2nd Place – John Hughes (21) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Larry Slattery (18) – 34 pts

4th Place – Phil Burton (20) – 33 pts c/back



“C” Flight (22+)

1st  Place – Kenny Jepson (26) – 34 pts

2nd Place – Greg Thompson (22) – 32 pts

3rd Place – Gordon Loviolette (24) – 31 pts

4th Place – Tip Briney (27) – 26 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners)…Colin Smith….15pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)…..Paul Gill ………18 pts.


Our bus driver handed me a pair of shoes someone had left in the bus, a phone call back to the club asking to look in number 4 locker for the new hat just purchased, but lost already.. The player who had to be moved to a late group as he was nowhere to be found when due to tee off.

And no-one in an early group thought to collect cards and hand them back down the line. So we had half at Pattavia and the other half back at Links bar.

All qualifiers for the “silly hat”

Maurice Roberts wore the Green Jacket, Ian Collier wore the “wig” and Phil put the “silly hat” on himself after he had refusals from the one he targeted.

A very “silly” day.