Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Pattana…A+B………..Fri..Mar.13………S/ford

Hot Scores on a Hot Day

Phil Ashton’s 44 points the Hottest


As we set off from Links Bar the weather was warming up quickly and just got warmer and more humid as the day went on, an almost oppressive heat with little or no breeze for relief.

 Here’s something we can’t remember seeing before, the golf course was almost empty of customers. My long time caddy said she had only worked on Monday and this Friday. Now this is getting serious for golf clubs and staff.

Apart from our 40 players and about six Thai players that we saw, there seemed to be no-one else around, almost millionaire’s golf for our first groups.

Pattana management gave us a two tee start and, as it was an 11.30 tee time, resulted in all 10 groups getting away quickly.


Phil Ashton was a bit off colour for a few days but bounced back for his last game before heading home with a hot, hot score of 44 points to win ‘A’ flight and the Green Jacket.

The forty plus scores continued on from Wednesday as Steve Lynch, playing with a handicap of four, had 41 points, a gross 71.

Grant Pride, six handicap, filled third spot with 40 points.


But wait, there’s more!

‘B’ flight also produced the forties as Grant’s travelling mate, Barry Forbes, took the honours with 43 points.

Niall Caven, also in his finale for this trip, took second place with 38 points while Merle Humphreys was the surprise, and surprised, third place with 36 points.


 Near Pins ‘A’ flight: Peter Lacey, Grant Pride, Dave Heyes, Paul Kennedy

Near Pins ‘B’ flight: Barry Forbes, Chris Walsh, Merle Humphreys, John Chelo


‘A’ Flight ( 0-16)

1st  Place – Phil Ashton (12) – 44 pts

2nd Place – Steve Lynch (4) – 41 pts

3rd Place – Grant Pride (6) – 40 pts


 “B” Flight (17+)

1st  Place –  Barry Forbes (17) – 43 pts

2nd Place – Niall Caven (21) – 38 pts

3rd Place – Merle Humphreys (23) – 36 pts


Best Front Nine  ( non winners)….Tip Briney….21 pts c/back

Best Back Nine  (non winners)…..Karl Flood ….21 pts c/back


This course was in top class condition with well grassed, and green, fairways, rough that is cut low but allows the ball to sink down and hide, quite difficult.

The greens on the ‘B’ nine were slow and on the ‘A’ nine were described as variable. A most unusual description for these usually excellent greens.

Iain Craigen could have won either, but Phil decided to award him the ‘silly hat’ as Colin Smith had noted earlier in the day that he had never worn the ‘wig’. So, with the second lowest score of the day, Colin fulfilled his fantasy, or one of them..

With some hard fairways around many courses at this time and some outstanding golf play, may the forty plus scores keep coming.