Pattaya Links Golf Society…………Pattana…C+B………….Fri. Aug.23………S/ford

Paul Smith Goes Gross 69


Most Golf Societies around the Pattaya area prefer tee times between 10.00 and 11.00 am, so when Pattana Golf Club offered a special of 1250 bht all in, teeing off after 12 noon, Links Bar decided to give it a try. Would our players go for it?

In quick time, to answer that question, we had 36 add their names to the sign-on sheet.

In the morning, after two players called in sick and two more no-shows through self inflicted illness, we arrived at Pattana with 32 starters. Check-in was easy, as always here, and down to the mustering area.

Arriving at the C1 tee, the starter told us to go when ready. We would have been early except for one nomad from the first group was missing. A search party retrieved him and they teed off as the clock struck 12.00, and therein made good time for the round.

The sky was heavy with threatening dark clouds, and that was the backdrop for the day, but not a single drop of moisture fell.

A strong, at times gusty, breeze stayed all day to make for comfortable conditions.


Any score of 40 points or more at this course is a good day, but when you make 42 points off a handicap of #3, equating to gross 69, as Paul Smith did, that is sure some golf. Another deserved Green Jacket for Paul, of course winning “A” flight.

Bill Copeland had a sub handicap score on Wednesday but finished second to a rampant 44 point winner. Today he again went sub-par against a rampant 42 point winner to be the bridesmaid again.

Peter McDonald, in a rare and last appearance this trip, took third place on countback with 35 points.


Stu Thompson spaces his games out and eleven days ago wore the Green Jacket. No Green Jacket today but a great score of 37 points to win the “B” flight.

Greg Proctor is also on his way home and was once again on the podium with 36 points for second place. Donal McGuigan who has been away, and was one of the last to sign up, came in third on countback with 33 points.


Near Pins: In order to give the higher handicappers a chance at winning a near pin it was decided to have two flights (0-15) and (16+) = 2 of each.

Only one player, John Pierrel, got it correct. There were five others who put their names on the wrong flight. Whew! Something different and they are bamboozled..

We had to give away the prizes, so 3 lucky draws were done, minus the ones who messed up. We will try our luck next game.


“A” Flight (0-15)

1st  Place – Paul Smith (3) – 42 pts

2nd Place – Bill Copeland (14) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Peter McDonald (13) – 35 pts c/back


“B” Flight (16+)

1st  Place – Stu Thompson (20) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Greg Proctor (18) – 36 pts

3rd Place – Donal McGuigan (18) – 33 pts c/back


Best Front Nine (C) ( non winners) – Kevin La Bar – 19 pts c/back

Best Back Nine (B)  ( non winners) – Eddie Kost –  20 pts


Taking advantage of the special price, thirty one players took carts but one decided to walk and paid an extra 100 bht for the privilege.

Bill Copeland was that nomad from the first group, delaying the start.  

Both of those two were eligible for the “silly hat”. After a popular vote, it was Mathias Hermann, the walker, who wore it.

Chris Barker had a dirty day and wore the “wig’ for the lowest score of the day.

A successful day, certainly, and we will do it again in a week. Same time, same course.