Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Pattana…A+B……….Wed. May.8……….S/ford

Pattana is Mike Firkin’s Favourite


Pattana is a golf course which is always presented in splendid condition and today was no exception. Apart from some sand on a couple of greens early into the A course, things were what we have come to expect here.

This is not to say it is an easy course to navigate but, some of the excellent scores returned today perhaps belies that opinion.

Mike Firkin followed up his 43 points at his most recent visit here with another big haul of 42 points for this round and another Green Jacket. We think he has a love affair with Pattana!

Mind you, some of his other games in between have been fairly meagre returns, but winning “B” flight today more than compensates.

Steve Baker chased Mike home and nearly got there but his 41 points fell just short, while Tom Herrington pulled out his A game to take third spot with 37 points.


“A” flight scores were not quite into the heady atmosphere of forty plus but a round of gross 73 off his handicap of 2 saw Richard Fearby get first place due to a countback over Peter Park, both with fine scores of 38 points.

Lee Rodman, after wearing the “wig’ last time out, made amends with an impressive 37 points to hold down third place.


Near Pins: Simon Niven (A3), Peter Park (A8), Tommy Marshall (B3), Jamie Booterbaugh (B8)


“A” Flight (0-13)

1st  Place – Richard Fearby (2 ) -38 pts c/back

2nd Place – Peter Park (6) -38 pts

3rd Place – Lee Rodman (13) – 37 pts


“B” Flight (14+)

1st  Place – Mike Firkin (24) – 42 pts

2nd Place – Steve Baker (18) – 41 pts

3rd Place – Tom Herrington (14) – 37 pts


Best Front Nine (A) ( non winners) – Keith Peplow – 20 pts

Best Back Nine (B) ( non winners) – Jim Ferris – 18 pts


Stan Stewart had the least points on a nine, but left the building before he could be presented with the “silly hat”. It was decided by popular vote that he wear it all day in his next game.

Masa Sugaya was at the top of the list with a a run of Green Jackets in April, but today he was at the other end and wore the “wig” for lowest score, on countback.

The weather was still hot, of course, but not as wearing as per recent times and with no hold-ups everyone was back at Links nice and early, except Stan, although he actually did return later.