Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Laem Chabang…B+C………Mon..July.22…….S/ford

Hot Scores on a Hot Day


When you schedule Laem Chabang with a special price it seems golfers are like bees around a honey pot.

Once again a field of forty lined up in 10 groups on the first tee of the “B” course, ready to have a warm up on the first nine to then tackle the watery “C” course to complete the round.

The weather to start was very warm with little breeze, however by the second nine clouds appeared and a small breeze even managed gusts at times, so making conditions more comfortable.

With the large turn-out today, we made three flights with four placings each, plenty of winners.

Because this course is in such good condition there were many high points scores turned in.

The “A” flight saw a great 41 points from Karl Eidervik on his debut round with Links Golf and that landed him first place. Paul Durkan has returned after a short trip away and went straight into top gear to score second spot with 40 points.

Paul Smith, as usual, is always thereabouts and his 38 points gave him third place and best gross of 73.    Consistent Dave Hewson, now over his injury, did well for 36 points and fourth.

“B” flight had it tight at the top with two scores of 37 points and, after countback, Wayne Peppernell just nosed out the on-fire Phil Davies.

Another countback was needed to decide third and fourth with Paul Kennedy, in his first game back, just getting in ahead of Bill Copeland, both with 36 points.

On a big scoring day we had another 41 points, this time from Masa Ishikawa to win “C” flight. When handing in his card he mused that it might be worth something.

Stu Thompson has had some very ordinary (or worse) scores recently, but found a new lease of life today to score 36 points for second spot, one point ahead Stuart Kidd on 35 points and then Geoff Wallace rounded out the podium.

Near Pins: Paul Durkan (B5), Derek Phillips (B8), Kevin McEntee (C5), Karl Eidervik (C8)


”A” flight ( 0-11)

1st  Place –  Karl Eidervik (8) –  41 pts

2nd  Place –  Paul Durkan (6 ) –  40 pts

3rd Place –  Paul Smith (3) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Dave Hewson (9) – 36 pts


”B”’ flight ( 12-15 )

 1st Place –  Wayne Peppernell (15 ) – 37 pts c/back

2nd Place – Phil Davies (12) – 37 pts

3rd Place –  Paul Kennedy (14) – 36 pts c/back

4th Place –  Bill Copeland (13) – 36 pts.


”C” flight (16+)

 1st Place –  Masao Ishikawa (17 ) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Stu Thompson (18) – 36 pts

3rd Place –  Stuart Kidd (19) – 35 pts

4th Place –  Geoff Wallace (16) – 34 pts.


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Mick Allenyne – 20 pts c/back

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Tony Boggian – 17 pts c/back


Who will wear the Green Jacket? With two scores of 41 points we did a countback and it was Masa Ishikawa with that honour, and well done Karl.

Jimmy Mac won the “wig” for the second straight game.

Normally the “silly hat” has to be worn by someone who plays that day, but Dane O’Brien went to Phil to dob in his mates and suggesting who should get it. Phil decided that was a silly enough act and Dane should wear it himself.

Fun and games at Links after another great day at beautiful Laem Chabang.