Pattaya Links Golf Society……………Laem Chabang………….Mon…Mar.4……….S/ford

Phil’s Birthday Bash


Phil Davies decided to celebrate his 60th Birthday by inviting 84 of his good golfing buddies to share his big day. He put his hand in his pocket so that nobody had to pay out more than 2000 baht.

For that sum, each golfer had free tea or coffee and bacon roll at Links for breakfast, free bus travel, no competition fee, 18 holes at the incredible Laem Chabang Golf Course which included green fee/caddie fee/cart and a sumptuous smorgasbord dinner at Links Bar in the evening. Oh! Also included, his buddies could bring partners.

The entertainment for the night was provided by an excellent young duo who kept the big crowd staying longer than we have seen before at Links.

At the course there were prizes on every hole and a competition within the competition. A normal stableford round with an Irish Stableford team event. For an optional extra 100 bht a pool was established to pay out on twos. 78 took part in this. The pool was eventually split between 12 winners.

The golf course was in immaculate condition and we got to play on the newly renovated “A” course, which was a plus. 5 groups started on “A” course and 16 groups off the “B’ course. Every golfer played their part by being on time and ready at the tee for his group. From a grateful organizer, Thank You.

Laem Chabang is considered by those who know these things to be an excellent and challenging layout, and with fairways and greens in top notch shape we expected some very good scores, and there were.


”A” flight

1st  Place –  Petur Petursson – (6) –  39 pts

2nd  Place –  Paul Smith  (4 ) –  38 pts c/back

3rd Place –  Tom Herrington –  (13) – 38 pts

4th Place –   Alan Thomas  (6) –  37 pts c/back

5th Place –   Peter Park (4) – 37 pts


”B”’ flight

 1st Place –  Barry Cunningham (21 ) – 40 pts c/back

2nd Place – Terry Mangan (21) – 40 pts

3rd Place –  Nigel Harrison (22) – 39 pts

4th Place –  Paul Chesney (21) – 38 pts. c/back

5th Place –  Bart Bingham (20) – 38 pts


Irish Stableford – Team Event.

Winners: Tip’s Team (Tip Briney, Nigel Harrison, Barry Oats, Iain Jones )

Second :  Len’s Team ( Len Jones, John Mason, Mike Firkin, Bryan Barrell )


There were prizes available on each of the 18 holes, however nobody was able to claim B7 and the B4 prize was for “B” flight but had a name from the “A” flight, so that went begging as well. Golfers will know that there is always one!.

Too many prizes to list here, but they were spread around. The recipients were happy to collect.

Phil conducted the presentations in his own inimitable style, and then it was time for all to relax with a cold one and enjoy that great little singing duo.


      Phil doing presentations                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL


Thanks goes to Maurice for a major part of the day’s success, phoning around to invite regulars to play, organizing the groupings, preparing the 84 cards and 21 team cards and on and on.

Also special help from a blow-in, Peter Blackburn, while in Pattaya for a few days.

These events need many helpers and thanks goes to Links staff and the many others who pitched in for a great day on and off the golf course.