Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Khao Kheow…C+A……….Wed..Dec.18………S/ford

Peter Lacey Wished for a Green Jacket


The pleasant surprises keep coming. Upon arrival at Khao Kheow our forty golfers found they were paying a lot less than expected, receiving a nice discount on the golf carts. Who would want to walk? Then, a few paces further on, a lovely lady handed each player a free bottle of water.

Thank You Khao Kheow, very much appreciated by all of our players.

The starter gave us the all clear to start when ready, so our first group got away about 10 minutes early.

Like many courses now, with the lack of recent rain and most days with steady breezes blowing, the fairways are getting a brown tinge, matching the rough. Even the dams are so low that the rocks are appearing.

However, the renovated tee boxes and those great Khao Kheow greens, which are green, playing truly and with pace, are having water kept up to them and looking good.

The ‘B’ flight turned into a one-two for the Lindberg’s as Mikael scored 37 points to get the better of Helene who came second with 35 points. Good scoring both. (and, no, they didn’t mark each other’s card).

Third and fourth went to the countback with Peter Allen, once again in the mix, winning third spot over a rejuvenated Iain Jones, both had 34 points.


Peter Lacey has now played five games with Links and all he wanted to do was win a Green Jacket. A short career so far, but he got the Jacket with the best score of the day, a very handy 39 points to win the ‘A’ flight.

Colin Smith, still riding high from his hole-in-one a couple of days ago, scored 38 points to bag second spot. The other Smith, Paul, as usual found himself in the placings, taking third with 37 points.

Rana Gurnam filled the final podium place, surviving a three- way countback at the 34 points mark.


When we have this many players, we put out extra “near pins’. Today there were four for each flight plus a long putt on the 18th hole.


Near Pins ‘A’ flight, Michael Wright (x2), Colin Smith, Barry Wellings

Near Pins ‘B’ flight, John Hughes, Gavin McDonald, Helene Lindberg, Peter Allen


Longest First Putt (on hole 18).. Mike Kaps


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-17)

1st  Place – Peter Lacey (16 ) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Colin Smith (15) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place – Paul Smith (4) – 37 pts

4th Place –  Rana Gurnam (12) – 34 pts c/back



 “B” Flight (18+)

1st  Place – Mikael Lindberg (23) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Helene Lindberg (21) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Peter Allen (28) – 34 pts c/back

4th Place –  Iain Jones (20) – 34 pts


Best Front Nine “C” ( non winners)….Colm O’Donovan….20 pts

Best Back Nine “A” (non winners)…..Glen Elsworth ….20 pts


We don’t know what happened to him, but Mike Ehlert managed just 4 points on the front nine so was well prepared for the ‘silly hat’.

Michael Wright had a mixed day. He collected two near pins, of which one of them became a 2. Then managed to score not many more and finished up with the ‘wig’ for lowest score of the day.

Thanks again Khao Kheow, we will return in a little over two weeks.