Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Khao Kheow………….Wed..Feb.20…….…S/ford

No More Bridesmaid For Masa


Due to a mix-up in bookings we were dispappointed to miss out on our trip to Khao Kheow in January, but we made up for it today.

Thirty nine golfers took to the course, after one no-show, and relished the decision to play from the yellow tees.

Weather started hot, still, and uncomfortable, but eventually some cloud cover and a wisp of breeze gave some respite.

We were told the day before that the course is not in good condition.

On any day we can get differing versions of that subject, depending on the circumstances of the commentator.

Although not in the pristine condition as at the start of the high season, probably due to heavy use and lack of rain, our group decided conditions were very good. Fairways, although drying somewhat are grassed and neatly mown. The greens are in excellent condition and mostly quite quick after being lightly sanded. The tee areas have not come up as well after a renovation, not a disaster, but a little disappointing.

Two flights today with the cut at 19 and under.

Masa Takano has been the “bridesmaid” many times on this trip. He has had some excellent scores which deserved a Green Jacket, but somehow managed to be the second best score.

Today, just before heading home and back to work, he got his wish. With a nice 39 points he took out the “A” flight and the Jacket. Well done..

Dave Hewson has been on the podium a bit and with his lowly handicap held second spot with 37 points and Chris Barker, another regular place getter, was third on 35 points.

Derek Phillips and Mike Ehlert went to a countback on 34 points resulting in Derek getting fourth spot and Mike fifth.


A three way tie had to go to countback to split them in “B” flight.

Vic Barton won out to take first place from Bryan Barrell who, in turn, beat John Anderson into third.

Gordon Loviolette with 31 points held out Paul Chesney who finished with 30 points.


Near pins: Dave Hewson (A3), Paul Chesney (A5), Mike Ehlert (B3), Richard Dobson (B8).


“A” Flight (0-19)

1st  Place – Masa Takano (9 ) -39 pts

2nd Place – Dave Hewson (8) -37 pts

3rd Place – Chris Barker (11) – 35 pts

4th Place – Derek Phillips (19) – 34 pts c/back

5th Place – Mike Ehlert (11) – 34 pts


“B” Flight (20+)

1st  Place – Vic Barton (28) – 32 pts c/back

2nd Place – Bryan Barrell (31) – 32 pts c/back

3rd Place – John Anderson (29) – 32 pts

4th Place – Gordon Loviolette (24) – 31 pts

5th Place – Paul Chesney (20) – 30 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners)…Darren Beavers….18 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)…..Connie Walsh ……18 pts.


At his final game this trip Mark Stubbing had the lowest nine hole score and donned the “silly hat” while Jim Ferris had a horror day and recorded the lowest overall score and was awarded the “wig”.