Pattaya Links Golf Society……Greenwood…B+C………Mon .Mar.9……..S/Ford.

Kevin Wears the Green Jacket, at Last!


Back to Greenwood today at the great Monday Sports Day price of 600 bht green fee and, something that Greenwood does for big groups, a two tee start.

This day it was courses B+C so, at the scheduled start time, we sent 6 groups to ‘B’ and the other 7 groups to ‘C’ and all got away easily and without fuss.

The weather was hot, of course, and the fairways are in very good condition with plenty of run. The greens here are always first class and the ‘B’ greens were the quicker of the two courses at 10.2 on the stimpmetre.

Once again a low scoring day with, once again, no real explanation.


Kevin McEntee has, for a long time, wished to wear the ‘Jacket’ and the one time he should have worn it he didn’t come back to the Bar before the photo op, but this time it all came together, with a very good 37 points to win ‘A’ flight and, finally, wear the coveted Green Jacket.

His playing partner and fellow Irishman, Connie Walsh, was one point back in second spot and ‘hot and cold’ Mike Ehlert grabbed third with 35 points.


Barry Forbes didn’t show much form in his previous game but turned it around by scoring 36 points to win ‘B’ flight on countback from Wayne Peppernell.

Tony Browne had 34 points to take third place, also an improvement.

Jim Ferris manages to bob up in a placing occasionally. Today only 33 points but he’ll take it and the ‘C’ flight win.

Gerry Hanrahan hasn’t played for quite a long time because of a back problem and he got right back into the action with a second placing, scoring 32 points to win a countback over Nigel Harrison.


Near pins ‘A’ flight: Andy Kelleher (x2), Tony Browne, Kevin McEntee

Near pins ‘B’ flight: John Rabbitt, Greg Thomson, Kerry Marshall, one pin not claimed.


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-13)

1st  Place – Kevin McEntee (7) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Connie Walsh (11) – 36 pts

3rd Place – Mike Ehlert (12) – 35 pts


“B” Flight (14-18)

1st  Place –  Barry Forbes (17) – 36 pts c/back

2nd Place – Wayne Peppernell (15) – 36 pts

3rd Place – Tony Browne (16) – 34 pts


‘C’ Flight ( 19+)

 1st  Place – Jim Ferris (25) – 33 pts

2nd Place – Gerry Hanrahan (24) – 32 pts c/back

3rd Place – Nigel Harrison (21) – 32 pts


Best Front Nine  ( non winners)….David Pettit….18 pts c/back

Best Back Nine  (non winners)…..James Hudson ….20 pts c/back


Sadly, there were farewells as a number of players, who have been around for a while, head back to their home countries. But, it seems, they are quickly replaced as the weather changes in other parts of the world.

Joe Carroll ‘won’ a three way countback to wear the ‘silly hat’ for his 9 points on a nine.

Kerry Marshall won a near pin, but that didn’t help, as he had the lowest score and wore the ‘wig’.

An excellent course, well organized and in good condition, we’ll be back soon.