Pattaya Links Golf Society………….Emerald………….Fri…Nov.8………..S/ford

Sixty Nine Gross for Fearby


A search of records showed that we were last at The Emerald course in January 2019, that’s a long time.

Now is the chance to look at and try it again but, for their own reasons, many of our regulars decided not to try it again so we had just seventeen players in the one flight for the competition.

The day was warm but, unlike our last couple of outings, a nice breeze kept things quite comfortable for most of the round.

The course was in good condition, bearing in mind that, as one player suggested, this is Emerald, so not expecting too much.

Fairways were good, the greens were fine, but running a little slowly, and the thing that scares many golfers here is the rough, it is just that, rough.


When you are a golfer with a handicap of just one, the above description doesn’t really come into calculations too much, and so it was that Richard Fearby tore away from the field by scoring 69 “off the stick” which equated to 40 points stableford, an excellent score and, for him, the Green Jacket.

With such a small number in the competition we were able to go to only three places.

Nigel Harrison, having his first hit since returning to Pattaya, scored 36 points to hold off a challenge from Jim Ferris in a close countback.


Near Pins:  Richard Fearby (5), Wayne Peppernell (7), Nigel Harrison (13), Tip Briney (15).


Winners Emerald

1st  Place – Richard Fearby (1) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Nigel Harrison (22) – 36 pts c/back

3rd Place – Jim Ferris (22) – 36 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners)……Tom Herrington – 21 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)……Chris Walsh –21 pts


We needed an adjudication on whether a player can win a “best front nine” and a worst nine. Yes we can, so Tom Herrington had the dubious honor of wearing the “silly hat” with, after 21 points on the front, scored only 11 points on the back nine.

Phil conducted the presentations and, when he had finished, turned to John and asked if he had forgotten anything. Yes, he forgot the “wig”. He pulled it from the bag and presented it to himself. Thought he would get away with no-one noticing..