Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Eastern Star………..Wed..Feb.26……. S/ford

Moxey Towels Them Up Again


We arrived at the green fees office ready for a day out at Eastern Star. A misunderstanding, or misinformation over green fee vouchers caused a quiet stir when some were charged more than others.

A phone call to get the correct information quickly sorted things out and all headed to the locker room.

The course was busy once again and the starter asked us to start earlier than our assigned time. The first group was quickly at the tenth tee and, after quick round-up of the second and third groups, all eleven groups got away smoothly and about twenty minutes early.

One experienced player was concerned about the crossover of nines, as the course was so busy.

As I walked towards Wan, the super efficient lady starter here, she answered my question before I asked. She set out her plan and it worked perfectly, all groups went through with no hold ups.


Two days ago, Steve Moxey scored 45 points to win the Green Jacket after he beat Charles Miller on countback. Today there was no countback as he swept all before him with another big score, this time 42 points, to clearly win the ‘A’ flight.

Peter Lacey had a very credible score of 37 points to take second place and then, much to Phil’s amazement, and a chuckle, he and Russell Exley had a countback for third and fourth, both with 31 points. Russell had the better back nine.

We hadn’t seen Bill Stewart for a while and wondered where he was, but he returned in a most successful way by scoring 37 points to win the ‘B’ flight.

We had better stop calling Barry Oats ‘the old stager, as he claimed his second podium finish in a week. He can still play golf, even with an injury. His 35 points got him second place.

Barry Cunningham had a good day out with 34 points while sometime ‘wig’ wearer, Masa Sugaya, scored 32 points to hold out the other Masa, Okada, on countback to take fourth spot.


Near Pins ‘A’ flight: Petur Petursson (x2), Keith Griffith, Ronnie Greene.

Near Pins ‘B’ flight: Masa Okada, Joe Earls, Ollie Walsh, one pin not claimed.


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-17)

1st  Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 42 pts

2nd Place – Peter  Lacey (13) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Russell Exley (10) – 31 pts c/back

4th Place –  Phil Davies (15) –  31 pts c/back


 “B” Flight (18+)

1st  Place –  Bill Stewart (20) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Barry Oats (29) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Barry Cunningham (22) – 34 pts

4th Place –  Masa Sugaya (20) – 32 pts c/back


Best Front Nine “C” ( non winners)….Alan Walker….19 pts

Best Back Nine “A” (non winners)…..Gordon Laviolette ….18 pts


Keith Griffith has had some good recent form and dropped his handicap a couple of shots. Today wasn’t one of those good days as he ‘won’ a countback for lowest score on a nine and wore the ‘silly hat’.

Paul Sales wore the ‘wig’ for the second time this week.

Eastern Star is starting a nice priced special in March and we will return in a couple of weeks for that.