Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Eastern Star………..Mon..May.6………S/ford

Willie Pushes Hard as Exley Wins


Never shirking the challenge the Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Eastern Star on Monday, 6th May, to play a stableford event on the testing course which is now showing signs of some fatigue with fairways desperate for water.

OK there is a lot of run but it takes a very solid iron player to get the best out of the course as fairways are very hard and dry. Greens are quite consistent and running at a good pace.

As low season kicks in field sizes are down to high twenties and today it was decided to play the field as a single flight with six place getters joining the technical winners in the pink envelope race.


As expected the “big” lads headed the field with the top six all with handicaps of less than the average of sixteen. Three golfers with 33 points were subjected to countback and thus Richie Fearby was placed 6th, behind Craig Brodey, fifth, and Pete Seil in fourth.

Wayne Peppernell’s excellent 38 points took third place whilst Russell Exley and Willie Brown, both on 39, were separated by countback with Russell taking the major honours despite a very firm challenge from Willie, who wilted in the heat to drop points on the final few holes.


Near pins went to Paul Durkin (3), Jamie Booterbaugh (6), Russell Exley (13) and Colin Service (17).

The consolation best nines went to Mr Len with a sound 18 points on the front nine and Mike Tottenham with seventeen on the run-in.


Winners Eastern Star

 1st Place – Russell Exley (10) – 39 pts c/back

2nd Place –  William Brown (16) – 39 pts

3rd Place –  Wayne Peppernell (14) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Pete Seil (6) – 33 pts c/back

5th Place –  Craig Brodey (14) – 33 pts c/back

6th Place –  Richard Fearby (2) – 33 pts


The day’s wig warriors were Stuart Thompson whose paltry 19 points was completely out of character for the usually very consistent Aussie golfer.

Kevin Rogers had already established himself as favourite for the silly hat on arrival at the Links in the morning as he left his baht bus driver frustratingly using his horn while he headed for breakfast without thinking of paying his fare.

Now that’s what we call “focus” on a tough golf day ahead at Eastern Star.