Pattaya Links Golf Society……Eastern Star……..Mon..May.20… ….Rainbow S/ford

Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey


It was just two weeks ago that we visited Eastern Star and on that occasion the course was drying out and badly needing water on the fairways. Because of these conditions, it was decided that for this game we would play Rainbow Tees.

For those unaware this means each player must play 6 tee shots from each of White, Yellow and Red tees. Tactics and some thought is needed as the player chooses which tee to play on a given hole.

The weather was hot, but dark clouds gathered into the afternoon and the sound of thunder could be heard. However, luckily the storm went around and away from the course.

The starter, in his wisdom, inserted a six-ball in the middle of our competition, which inspired Maurice to protest to the management at the half way point. To their credit they phoned the marshal to give him a “hurry-up’.

The six-ball moved at a good pace, unlike our four-ball behind them which was very slow and lost more than two and a half holes, holding up those behind and causing a near five hour round for the latter half of the field.

The first half were showered, changed and back at Links one and a half hours before the rest.

It seems this was one of those tactics we mentioned, as they were so slow and “methodical” that two of the four won prizes, and one had two prizes on the day.


We played stableford scoring and had to go to the countback to separate the first two placings. Petur Petursson, who was not in the slow group, is usually consistent and his 39 points won the day over John Harrison’s 39 points. Good scoring from both.

Then came a four-way tie on 36 points and more countbacks to decide third and fourth. Two were knocked out quickly. After going to last nine, last six, last three, last hole, and hole by hole we could not separate Bryan Barrell and Ron Matthews, so split the prize for two third places.


Near Pins: Jim Norkett (3), Craig Brodey (6), John Harrison (13), Kevin Rogers (17)


Winners Eastern Star

 1st Place – Petur Petursson (5) – 39 pts c/back

2nd Place –  John Harrison (15) – 39 pts

3rd Place} –  Ron Matthews (14) – 36 pts  c/back

3rd Place} –  Bryan Barrell (32) – 36 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Jamie Booterbaugh – 20 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Tip Briney – 18 pts c/back


It was a countback also for the lowest score on a nine with Jim Norkett donning the “silly hat”.

Obviously, the tactics employed by Wayne Peppernell didn’t work too well as he got to wear the “wig” for posting one of the two lowest points scores of the day.

We expected to face those drying out fairways, but thanks to some rain and good management, we had nicely cut grassed fairways along with very good greens which were quite quick.

 A fun, albeit slow, day playing a different game, the Rainbow.

In the photoJohn Harrison wears the Green Jacket (as Petur Petursson had left early.) with Wayne Peppernell (L) and Jim Norkett (R)