Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Eastern Star……….Fri..Nov.29………2BB

Lavin & Swift Top Dogs – Just


Seeking relief from the daily slog of individual stableford the Pattaya Links Golf Society revised its format to Pairs BB at Eastern Star on the final Friday in November.

As Eastern Star is a tough call on the best of days it was a much more enjoyable prospect, even with lightly sanded greens and dry fairways.

A field of forty started early, courtesy of the starter, and the battle commenced.

The format is all about consistency – both golfers having to avoid the same barren hole and playing with a modicum of safety in mind. “Arai?” At Eastern Star?


The result was a very close contest with countbacks being used to order the top twelve teams. In fourth place the Aussie pairing of John Coetzee and Terry Dreier lost out to third placed Steve Moxey and Niall Caven, both recording 42 points.

One point ahead were Nigel Harrison and the redoubtable Bill Copeland with 43 points, losing the major prize on countback. That honour went to Pat Lavin and Phil Swift who had the benefit of a stronger back nine in their favour. 

The placings from five to twelve were only separated by three points, such was the quality of the competition.

Mike Firkin and Bryan Barrell raced to a front nine score of 23 points for the consolation prize with Kenny Jepson and Dave Moore performing even better on the back nine with 24 points    


Near Pins: Pat Lavin (3), Steve Moxey (6), Nigel Harrison (13), Phil Swift (17).


Winning Teams at Eastern Star

 1st Place – Pat Lavin (12) / Phil Swift (10) – 43 pts c/back

2nd Place –  Nigel Harrison (22) / Bill Copeland (12) – 43 pts

3rd Place – Steve Moxey (10) / Niall Caven (24) – 42 pts c/back

4th Place – John Coetzee (23) / Terry Dreier (16) – 42 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Mike Firkin / Bryan Barrell – 23 pts

Best Front Nine ( non winners) –  Kenny Jepson / Dave Moore – 24 pts


In another refreshing change the booby prizes were left in the bag, which pleased some golfers at the nether end of the scoreboard.

The change to the format proved popular and it is to be hoped that more events of this type can be arranged during high season.

A final word of thanks to Team PLGS for stewarding a most enjoyable day, with no fireworks spoiling the show. They would all come later in a gridlocked Pattaya.