Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Eastern Star………..Fri..Mar.6………S/ford

Chris Paterson’s First Green Jacket


In the week and a half since we last visited Eastern Star, oh, how things have changed.

Most players signed up for this day not aware that the price here had come down by 250 bht, so it was a nice surprise to start the day.

Another change was the lack of numbers at the course. A few weeks ago it was crawling with people as the course had overbooked by plenty. Today we were asked to start about fifteen minutes early and the cross-over to the back nine was easy.

Only another Society in front of us slowed things down and we took longer than we hoped to complete the round.

The course is still in very good condition and the greens are being likened to Pattavia with a quick pace and horrible downhills. Many three putts became the norm.

There was a stiff breeze for most of the day so scores were not fantastic, but they never really are here.

Scotsman Chris Paterson has now played four games with us and his big hitting, low handicap says he was going to win soon. Today was it when he topped the list with 36 points to win the ‘A’ flight and his first Green Jacket.

Grant Pride, on his annual holiday from Australia, came in with 34 points for second. Andrew Purdie is as bigger hitter and he scored 33 points for third spot, while consistent Andrew Kelleher, who is going home soon, took fourth place with 30 points after winning a countback.

We had 50 players out and the cut for flights was surprisingly low today so  eyebrows were raised with some of the placings in ‘B’ flight.

Jon Dean took first place with 33 points ahead of Mike Ehlert and Phil Ashton who finished in that order after countback at the 32 points mark.

Dave Heyes, in his first hit this trip, filled fourth spot after winning a countback at 30 points.


Bryan Barrell can find a little extra something at times and today was one of them. He has won ‘C’ flight with 33 points, a good effort.

Gordon Laviolette, in his final game this trip, took second with 31 points.

Another countback was needed for the next placings where Tony Karakatsanis, another holiday maker, found his 29 points better than Joe Earl’s 29 points.


Near Pins ‘A’ flight: Grant Pride (x2), David Pettit, Phil Ashton

Near Pins ‘B’ flight: Joe Carroll, Bryan Barrell, Derek Phillips, Kerry Marshall


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-11)

1st  Place – Chris Paterson (8) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Grant Pride (6) – 34 pts

3rd Place – Andrew Purdie (8) – 33 pts

4th Place –  Andrew Kelleher (10) –  30 pts c/back


‘B’ Flight (12-17)

1st  Place –  Jon Dean (12) – 33 pts

2nd Place – Mike Ehlert (12) – 32 pts c/back

3rd Place – Phil Ashton (12) – 32 pts

4th Place –  Dave Heyes (14) – 30 pts c/back


‘C’ Flight ( 18+)

1st  Place – Bryan Barrell (34) – 33 pts

2nd Place – Gordon Laviolette (24) – 31 pts

3rd Place – Tony Karakatsanis (24) – 29 pts c/back

4th Place –  Joe Earls (18) –  29 pts c/back


Mike Firkin scored just 7 points on the front nine (after wearing the Green Jacket on Wednesday). This time it was the green ‘silly hat’.

The Wow moment came when the winner of the ‘wig’, for the lowest score of the day, was announced as 9 handicapper and second place getter last Monday, James Hudson.

We could not believe it and we think he was a bit shocked as well. However, we have all managed to wear it at some time, James.

This course looks easy but looks can be deceiving. Regardless, we will return again on March 30.