Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Chee Chan………Mon…Mar.23……..S/ford

A Day of Luxury at Chee Chan


Chee Chan was booked by a golf tour organizer for 60 Australian golfers. Then, with cancelled and re scheduled flights and closed borders, they could not get here.

Phil suggested that a few of our golfers would take some of those tee times if they could have the special price.

We put the sign-up sheet on the board and ended up with 41 players, many of whom had never played here before.

The new and grandiose clubhouse, similar in style to Pattana and Royal Lakeside, is all luxury and space, together with spectacular views over most of the course and the backdrop of the Mount with the Gold Buddha to the left and the skyline of Pattaya further right.

The weather was hot, but very breezy for most of the round, which is possibly the reason for the lower than expected scores.

This course is in great condition with undulating fairways cut to have the ball sitting up waiting to be hit. The practice green was very slick but the greens on course were not quite that fast but ran very true.

Some names in the results list are new to Links Golf but all played well enough to be there.


The ‘A’ flight had Peter Williamson, returning after a long absence, come out on top of multiple countbacks to take the win with 36 points.

Mark Penfold, the golf tour organizer in his first game with Links, took second spot, also 36 points followed by Kim Gueng Hwan, also his first time, in third place, also 36 points.


Hyun Jae Kang, one of a group of three visitors, grabbed the win in ‘B’ flight scoring, you guessed it, 36 points.

Simon Niven, whose flight home was cancelled, came out to take second place on countback of 35 points to nudge out Derek Phillips who had one of his ‘good’ days.


Near Pins: Tony Browne (4), Huw Phillips (6), Keith Peplow (12), Bruno (17).


‘A’ Flight (0-13)

1st  Place – Peter Williamson (11) – 36 pts c/back

2nd Place – Mark Penfold (4) – 36 pts c/back

3rd Place – Kim Gueng Hwan (10) – 36 pts c/back


‘B’ Flight (14+)

1st  Place –  Hyun Jae Kang (16) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Simon Niven (15) – 35 pts c/back

3rd Place – Derek Phillips (14) – 35 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners)….Lawrence Lee….20 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)……Paul Stewart ….20 pts


Because of the restrictions currently in place we decided to do something unusual. That was to conduct the presentations at the course.

The’View’ restaurant is a large and ultra modern venue, serving very nice food with cold drinks and attentive wait staff.

Peter Williamson was the Green Jacket winner, but we forgot to bring it with us. However, Peter had the photo op with Phil, and that’s almost as good.

Hopefully, when this virus situation is over, we can get some good pricing at Chee Chan and come here more often, plenty of people would really like that.


Unfortunately, this is the last golf report from us at Links Golf until the golf courses re-open and competition is allowed to resume.

We wish all of our golfers, wherever in the world you are, safe travels and stay healthy. Hope to see you all sooner rather than later.