Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Bangpra…………Wed..Aug.28……….S/ford

Nils-Peter Climbs to the Top


After an absence of almost two months we returned to Bangpra Golf Club to take advantage of the Sports day price of 700 bht green fee.

When there is a lack of rain in the area it seems that Bangpra dries out quicker than most courses. Although in very good condition, the fairways are showing some brown tinges and the ground is quite hard. The greens, however, are looking and playing well, albeit slower than in past years, thankfully.

The weather today was windy for the most part with very strong gusts throughout the round.

Being low season, we were only able to muster twenty- one players for this trip. Yes! even Links Golf is experiencing low season numbers.

This course has a large variety of interesting and tricky holes and is not regarded as easy, so high stableford scores are not the norm.


Today’s top score of 36 points came from Nils-Peter Kristensen who, since his return from Denmark a couple of weeks ago, has been lurking around the placings. This was his day and a deserved Green Jacket.

Right behind him was Bill Stewart, returning from a nasty stomach problem, finding some good form to score 35 points.

Third and fourth places were decided on countback with Wayne Peppernell having the better back nine over Simon Niven, both had 34 points.


Near pins: Takeshi Hakozaki (2), Tom Herrington (8), Bill Copeland (12).

We are trialling two flights on near pins. As with our previous try, someone from A flight attached his name to a B flight pin, so there was no winner on (17).


 Winners at Bangpra

1st  Place –  Nils-Peter Kristensen (19) –  36 pts

2nd  Place –  Bill Stewart (20) –  35 pts

3rd Place –  Wayne Peppernell (14) – 34 pts c/back

4th Place –  Simon Niven (12) – 34 pts  


Best Front Nine  (non winners) – Dave Hewson – 18 pts c/back

Best Back Nine  (non winners) – Darren Beavers – 21 pts


Because of the lack of rain, the water levels in the dams around the course are dropping and exposing the plastic linings. This stuff is very slippery and almost impossible to get a foot-hold.

Takeshi found that out when, trying to retrieve his ball, he went ‘swimming’. His caddie came to his rescue and also went in. The two of them had to be saved by another. A very soggy Takeshi completed the round and was duly awarded the “silly hat” for his efforts.

It was a tight countback for the “wig’ but Bryan Barrell won out to once again wear his favourite hair piece.

Difficult as it can be, Bangpra is still a course able to throw up a challenge and give golfers an interesting day out.