Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Bangpra…………Mon. Sept.30……….S/ford

David McKey Locks In A Win


Bangpra is recognized by many as a course where playing to handicap is a good achievement.

Unfortunately, today, none of our twenty four starters could do even that well.

No blame on the course as it was in almost the best condition I can remember, and the greens had some good pace, although uphill into the grain became a bit of a gamble if you didn’t give the putt a bit of hurry up.

Weather was warm to hot with spasmodic cooler breezes and the thunder we heard in the far distance had nothing to do with us.

So, if no-one played to handicap, who did best?

David McKey has recently moved to Pattaya full time and has taken a few games to settle in but today he was the best of the lot with his score of 35 points.

Then there is Bill Copeland in the winners list again, this time second spot on 33 points.

Andrew Purdie, Mike Firkin and Tip Briney all had 32 points. The first countback tipped Tip out,  (excuse the pun).

So that left it for Andrew Purdie to beat Mike Firkin for third spot.


Near pins: Chris Barker (A flight), Phil Davies (A flight), Stu Brown (B flight), Tip Briney (B flight).


 Winners at Bangpra

1st  Place –  David McKey (19) –  35 pts

2nd  Place –  Bill Copeland (12) –  33 pts

3rd Place –  Andrew Purdie (10) – 32 pts c/back

4th Place –  Mike Firkin (24) – 32 pts c/back


Best Front Nine  (non winners) – John Anderson – 20 pts

Best Back Nine  (non winners) – Bill Stewart – 18 pts


A group of ten golfers went to the Khao Yai area last week to play three games. Our Captain, Wayne Pepperenell, finished second on countback at the conclusion. But today he lost all that good form to finish last and wear the “wig”.

The “silly hat” for lowest nine hole score was won on countback by Keith Melbourne, but it was close..

At Bangpra we usually see monkeys around one or two tee boxes, but today there were hundreds of them, all over everywhere, mostly very young or babies attached to mother. It really was “The Monkey Course”.