Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Bangpakong…………Mon..Sept.23……..S/ford

Sun Shines On Andrew Blackman


One game washed out, the next almost washed out, so it was heartening to have everyone who signed up for this game arrive in the morning, albeit with some trepidation.

It was drizzling rain in Pattaya as the bus and cars set off, but hopes were high for a dry(er) day.

Hello Muddah, Hello Farddah, the sun came out at Bangpakong and the world looked good, and all but the last group completed the round dry and, in the case of Stu Brown who went hatless, very red around the cranium.

That last group had some drizzle on the 17th which became a downpour on the 18th.

Although carts had to stay on the path, the course was in very good condition but the greens, having had some rain the day and evening before, were a little slower than usual.

The sun shone well and truly on Andrew Blackman as he recorded a convincing win, racking up 40 points in his final outing this trip.

Second place became a tussle between two high handicappers as Stu Brown and Barry Oats both had 38 points. Stu, red head and all, had the better back nine.

Petur Petursson rounded out the placings with an excellent 37 points off his handicap of six to record the lowest gross of the day.


Near Pins: Andrew Blackman (A flight), Takeshi Hakozaki (A flight), Stu Brown (B flight), Carl Lovatt (B flight)


Winners at Bangpakong

1st Place -Andrew Blackman (9) – 40 pts

2nd Place -Stuart Brown (28) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place -Barry Oats (30) – 38 pts

4th Place –Petur Petursson (6) – 37 pts.


Best Front Nine (non winners)  – Stuart Thompson – 16 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)  –  Rowan Lucas –  20 pts


In an unaccustomed role, Tommy Marshall wore the “wig” after being in that last group and bearing the effects from the rain.

Carl Lovatt “won” the “silly hat’ on countback at his last game before heading home for a short break.

We know the area absolutely needs plenty of rain, but it would be appreciated most if it came after golf. Today we got away with it.

Credit: Alan Sherman for Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, ( hit from the 60’s).  It fits well.