Pattaya Links Golf Society………….Bangpakong…………Mon…Apr.29………..S/ford

Where Did Those Two Come From?


Golfers invariably enjoy a day’s golf at Bangpakong Riverside. The well maintained fairways and consistent greens make life so easy for a golfer on top of his game.

The course was the venue for the Pattaya Links Golf Society for its final competition in April and eight groups travelled there in good humour anticipating the best. At the end of a five hour-plus round one question dominated the conversations. “Where did those two come from?”


The field was divided into two flights at sixteen and under and play got underway on time. It was soon evident that an Asian two-ball had appeared in front of the field and playing from the back tees, ambled their way around eighteen holes, occasionally dropping and playing another ball, without a thought of calling any else through. From the third hole the PLGS golfers were waiting on most shots in melting heat and the result was a round of five and a half hours.


In the top flight third place went to Jamie Bootenbaugh after winning a countback with a score of 36 points. In second place was Richie Fearby, the three handicapper, coming in with 37 points.

The winner was the Aussie giant Andrew Purdie whose score of 44 points was as good as he has managed in ten years of golf with the group.


In the second flight third place went to Colin Service, on his birthday, with 36 points, one behind Tip Briney in second, on 37.

The flight winner and Green Jacket recipient was Craig Brodey with a score of 46 points on his debut with the group.


Near pins went to Richie Fearby (4), Pete Seil (7), Stu Thompson (13) and Terry Dreier (16).

The best outward nine score was set by Tommy Marshall (19) whilst a week’s R & R following SEXIT 2019 had served Mr Len well with a winning back nine of 21 points.


“A” Flight (0-16)

1st  Place – Andrew Purdie (10 ) – 44 pts

2nd Place – Richard Fearby (3) -37 pts

3rd Place – Jamie Bootenbaugh (13) – 36 pts c/back


“B” Flight (17+)

1st  Place – Craig Brodey (18) – 46 pts

2nd Place – Tip Briney (27) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Colin Service (17) – 36 pts


The feared “wig” went to Eamonn Moran for his low score and the “silly hat” was anticipated by Bryan Barrel who had fled the scene before the presentation.

Instead Mr Len , deputizing for Mr Maurice, awarded it to the two mysterious Asians who had such an impact on the day.

The question could also have been asked of the winners, “Where did those two come from?”.