Derek. John, Erik and Tony – scramble winners

The day started with a phone call at 06.00 suggesting that we have to cancel the scramble because of the storm the previous night. Fortunately by the time 07.30 came along the rain had stopped and there were clear skies. So it was that our 7 groups made the short trip to Parichat for the 4 man team scramble and yellow ball competition.

Like the previous novelty events, this one too proved to be hugely successful. The Yellow Ball competition was a completely new concept to many of our players with the ruling being that the yellow ball had to be returned before any prize was awarded. The first group managed to play 4 holes before losing the yellow ball and so were eliminated from that competition. Tactically it turned out to be a good move as they birdies the next 3 holes. This was nothing however to the group led by Derek Hutchison and Tony Cliff who lost the yellow ball on the very first hole but went on to have 11 birdies in the round to win the scramble with 56.73 points. Their round equated to a gross 61! In second place in the scramble was Glen, Billy, Mike and Emmet who returned 58.50 points.

One of our groups, Petur, Rabbi, Ian and Hans, battled on with the yellow ball but had the misfortune to lose it on the 18th hole. We wont mention the culprits name suffice to say that he wasn’t from Iceland or Denmark. Another clue to his identity is that he supports Hibs so should be well used to losing.

As it turned out though, Phil decided that because of their sterling efforts that they should be awarded with the prize.


Scramble 1st Place Derek Hutchinson, Tony Cliff, John Person, Erik Larrson…….56.73 points

Scramble 2nd Place Billy Buchanan, Mike Tottenham, Glen Elsworth, Emmet White……58.50 points

Yellow Ball…..Petur Petursson, Rafn Rafnsson, Iain Craigen, Hans Pedersen

Yellow Ball winners…Hans, Petur, Iain and Rabbi