Wales presents Green Jacket to Sweden

With The Links playing their monthly scramble on Friday, it was Mikael Andersson who had the honour of winning the last Green Jacket of 2022. Mikael is a member of Eastern Star but nevertheless, his 41 points was an excellent score and he finished a comfortable winner. Mikael is a 14 handicapper and headed A Flight by 6 points from John Doyle. Winner of Flight B was Lee Smith who came in with 38 points.

Originally given a 10.40 tee off time, we were fortunate that this was brought forward to 10.00. It was still a long day for our 12 groups with the last group playing the 18th whilst the last group were on hole 10. The course was in good condition with the greens in particular, playing well.


A FLIGHT (0-14)

1st Place Mikael Andersson (14) – 41

2nd Place John Doyle (8) – 35

3rd Place Curtis Hegge (4) – 33

4th Place Bob Watson (6) – 31 c/b

5th Place Raphael Granges (13) – 31

B Flight (15+)

1st Place Lee Smith (22) – 38

2nd Place Wayne Peppernell (18) – 36

3rd Place Karl Flood (18) – 35

4th Place Gang Zong (27) – 34

5th Place Mark Hayward (20) 0 33

Near Pin 03 Curtis Hegge

Near Pin 06 Ken Price

Near Pin 13 Andy Cosway

Near Pin 17 Bob Watson

BF9 NW Francis Goyons – 17

BB9 NW Neil Palmer – 20