Heavy rain greeted the 28 players who arrived at Eastern Star and the decision was taken to wait for 45 minutes before paying green fees to see if the weather would ease. Eight golfers decided that they would not play but as the rain eased, the remaining players decided to go ahead. By the time groups were re-arranged, the rain had eased to a steady drizzle. The first group, of which there were 3 Scots, couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about and teed off.

All the players were rewarded when after 45 minutes the rain had stopped completely and although very wet underfoot, the umbrellas were packed away never to return.

The heavy conditions certainly did not deter Pawanyarat, (Mai), who returned an astonishing score of 44 points. It was her 3rd Green Jacket in 2 months and well deserved. In second and third place were Jimmy Carr and Eastern Star member, Karl Flood with cards of 39 and 38 respectively.

A special mention should be made to the starters at Eastern Star who were very honest in their appraisal of the course conditions when we arrived and it was they who suggested that we wait before making any payments.


1st Place Pawanyarat (Mai) – 44

2nd Place Jimmy Carr – 39

3rd Place Karl Flood – 38

NP 03 Jimmy Carr

NP 06 Dave Stockman

NP 13 Dave Stockman

NP 17 Mikael Andersson

BF 9 Petur Petursson – 17

BB9 Fred Freimayer – 19