Livio joins John Pierrel as being a double winner of the Green Jacket in the month of July in what was one of the closest run competitions for many a year with 12 golfers being separated by 2 points and 6 within 1 shot of each other. It was Livio, with 38 points, who came out on top by virtue of a better back 9 over Yailele Sa. They were followed by 4 players who returned 37 points.

Livio Marrone, Green Jacket winner, seen here with Andrew Guiney, recipient of `the wig`.

                Burapha was a busy place to be on Friday with the Links taking 35 golfers there where they were met with similar numbers from another society. The Links were allocated courses A and B. Like so many other courses in the area, heavy rain had taken its toll on the course with many of the bunkers still having water. Nevertheless, the course remained in good condition.


1st                                           Livio Marrone (38) c/b

2nd                                          Yailele Sa (38)

3rd                                           Eric Black (37) c/b

4th                                           Wayne Peppernell (37) c/b

5th                                           Nick Aubin (37) c/b

6th                                           Tony Wheeler (37)

Near Pin A3                         Steve Moxey

Near Pin A6                         Tony Wheeler

Near Pin B3                         Grant Pride

Near Pin B8                         Russell Goldsworthy

Best Front 9 N.W.            Walter Baechli (20)

Best Back 9 N.W.              Stuart Trivino (19) c/b