LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…Treasure Hill…Wed..3 Mar….S/ford

 A Tough Day of Golf for a Hardy Ten.

The weather radar, before leaving Links Bar, showed widespread rain coming at 10.00 am, our tee time at Treasure Hill. During the drive there were plenty of clouds about, but no sign of rain.

Upon arrival, my caddie told me that it would not rain until later in the afternoon so, since caddies are good forecasters, our ten players paid the fantastic low price of 1050 bht all-in and headed for the first tee.

Our first group teed off about twenty minutes early and, sure enough, the three groups had completed the first nine a bit sweaty, as it was very humid, but otherwise dry.

By the eleventh hole the sky had darkened considerably and the caddies announced that the rain was very close now, and then down it came in a short, but heavy burst, before easing to no more than a drizzle, so we carried on non-stop to complete the round in those humid conditions.

The weather is the interesting part of the day as, after the excitement of a high score of 45 points two days earlier, we had the opposite end of the spectrum this day.

We know Treasure Hill is not known for high scores, but our deserved winner here was Thorsten Jodehl with a score of 28 points.

We then had a countback with two players on 26 points. Colin Service won that countback for second place ahead of George Mueller in third.

Colin was one of the last cards to come in and, until then, it was looking a little embarrassing when it appeared third place would be just 22 points.




Winners at Treasure Hill


1st  Place – Thorsten Jodehl (14) – 28 pts

2nd Place – Colin Service (20) – 26 pts c/back

3rd Place – George Mueller (14) – 26 pts


This golf course is in excellent condition and even the greens have slowed slightly since our last visit, not slow, but playable now. The fairways have had plenty of water and are well grassed.


All finished in good time and headed to the bus where, on the way back to Pattaya, the rain did arrive in heaps. Heavy showers on the 331 and even more once entering the highway 7. Nearing Pattaya the rain eased but it could be seen that the city had also had a share of it earlier.

Photo: Winner, Thorsten Jodehl (L) with Runner-up, Colin Service (R)