LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…Phoenix..M+O…..Wed. May.12…..S/ford


George Mueller had finished his round, showered, and was hanging around showing an interest as the scores came in. He was pretty happy as, although there were already three players with scores of 35 points, George was the leader on countback and feeling like a winner.


So he was, until the very last card, from Walter Baechli, came in with the splendid score of 40 points.

George wasn’t deflated and he gallantly accepted second placing.


Peter Lacey and Tommy Marshall played together in the same group and both had the same score as George, 35 points. Another countback saw Peter edging into third spot, having one point more than Tommy on the second nine.


Michael Flower filled the fifth and final podium position with 34 points.


Near Pins: Tony Browne (M4), Michael Flower (M8), John Chelo (O5), Paul Anderson (O7)


Winners at Phoenix Gold


1st  Place – Walter Baechli (19)  –  40 pts

2nd  Place – George Mueller (15) – 35 pts c/back

3rd Place –Peter Lacey (12) – 35 pts c/back

4th Place –  Tommy Marshall (5) –35 pts

5th Place  – Michael Flower (6) – 34 pts



Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Chris Alanices – 18 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Nigel Henson – 21 pts

It was reported to us that this course was in magnificent condition so, making a change to our schedule, we decided from that report and the terrific special all-in price of 1400 bht, to make the booking.

As Links Golf had not been here for over one year, twenty three quickly players signed up and, for some, this would be their first time at this course.

That report proved to be correct as all aspects of the course were top notch. Nice fairways, dried out enough to take carts, rough which was not that difficult and greens tricky, but true.

The weather was just hot and the only small breeze that came through was almost too late in the round. Management did a very good job of presentation, but even they can’t control the weather.

Photo: George Mueller, second place, with Joy. An old photo as Walter missed the photo op.