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 Moxey Wins at his Least Favourite Course

Sometime ago Steve Moxey, after having a bad score, said that he didn’t like Pattavia and would not play this course again.

By our records he has now played here at least 10 times and, of the nine Green Jackets that he has won at Links Golf, now, two have been at Pattavia, mmm.

 We had three four-balls out today on a course in the usual very good condition. Fairways are well grassed and presented nicely. The greens, these days, are back to their zippy best and we heard a few sad stories about downhill putts.

The first group had a clear run of the course and finished the round in about three and a half hours. The next two groups were held up for a bit but all finished in good time.

 The first two placings came from that first fast group.

Steve Moxey’s winning score of 35 points was solid, if not exciting, but a win is always good. He has been in the placings for five of his past seven rounds since his last win on Feb.23. at Pleasant Valley.

Michael Blumhagen is never far from the action and his 34 points got him into second spot.

Mike Tottenham found some good form recently whereby his handicap has come down considerably. Since the beginning of March his handicap has dropped from 21 to, now 17. There have been some good scores in that time. Today a handy 33 points got him third place.


Winners at Pattavia

 1st  Place – Steve Moxey (12 ) – 35 pts

2nd Place – Michael Blumhagen (6) – 34 pts

3rd Place – Mike Tottenham (17) – 33 pts


Best Front Nine (non winners) – Thierry Petrement – 16 pts

 Best Back Nine (non winners) – Dave McKey – 19 pts

The weather was on our side again as, although there was some cloud about, the only hint of moisture, can’t call it rain, was just a few droplets on the glasses and no more.

In the morning there was some conjecture about the price we were asked for, but a phone call from Pattaya, and some negotiation, settled the problem quickly.

For those golfers in Pattaya now, or may be getting back here, our special booking at Chee Chan has some places available, but numbers are limited. Sign on at Links or Online.


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