LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…..Pattana…A+B…..Fri. May 7…S/ford  



After some unfamiliar late entries, and then some shuffling of groups, we had 18 players in this competition round at Pattana Golf Club.

At the green fees office, a pleasant surprise awaited with a lower rate than the one we were quoted. Thank You for that.


We were allocated the A and B nines and our first group got away well ahead of time. The pace wasn’t quick but a four hour round is acceptable.

Due to plenty of rain in the district, the course was quite wet so we played lift, clean and place, as carts were restricted to the paths.


Nigel Henson recently arrived from working in Kenya and has now had a couple of games with Links, posting good scores.

This time his 39 points took him to first place and his first ever Green Jacket. He was excited to win and also to wear the jacket, which he had never seen before.


Showing good form at present, Martin Patch has been in the placings, and continued that form to score an impressive 38 points for second spot.


Two days ago, Tony Browne and Martin were in second and third places, same this time but in reverse order. Tony won three countbacks to take third place with 36 points.


Nongnuch Jantamaneekul, a lady playing with us for the first time, also had 36 points from her handicap of #10, to grab fourth position, also on countback.


Four ‘near pins’ out today and all were won.



Near Pins: Dave Arataki, Nong Nuch, Martin Patch, Michael Blumhagen


Winners at Pattana


1st  Place – Nigel Henson (18) – 39pts

2nd Place – Martin Patch (18)- 38 pts

3rd Place – Tony Browne (16) – 36 pts c/back x 3

4th Place –  Nong Nuch (10) – 36 pts c/back


Best Front Nine (non winners) – Tommy Marshall – 19 pts c/back x 3


Best Back Nine (non winners) – Thierry Petrement – 17 pts c/back


The golf course was wet after plenty of monsoonal type rains in the past couple of days and carts were to stay on paths, so it came as a surprise when, on the second nine, B course, the caddies drove onto some fairways. They chose the firmer fairways, but seemed to know which ones not to drive on.


The main topic was the greens. Due to, we suspect, staff not being able to get machinery on them because of the wet, the greens on A course were certainly in need of a mower and were very slow. One caddy described them as ‘same fairway’.


 However, the B course greens were a little quicker, and consistent.


With all of that, there were plenty of good scores turned in, with the first five places playing to handicap or better.

Photo: Winner, Nigel Henson, with Phil