Links Golf Society……….Laem Chabang…C+A……….Mon…May 11…….S/ford

Crash and Flash at Laem Chabang


Monday morning was hot, 32 degrees, feels like 42, as we arrived at Links, but we were going to Laem Chabang which made everyone feel better.

We arrived at Laem Chabang Golf Club to the usual bag drop area where we found two tables for the temperature checks and forms to fill etc, then inside to the usual counter to pay the very good special price of 2059 bht all in.

We were assigned the C and A nines, so one of our organiser’s went to the meet the starter at the C course to announce our arrival.

The friendly and efficient lady starter told us that we could start early, so the first of our seven four-ball’s teed off 15 minutes before schedule in hot weather, but with a threat of some rain. Two groups in front of us were a little slow and our first groups lost that 15 minutes during the first nine.

A very dark, large cloud had been hovering over the course for some time and when our first group was walking from the ninth green a light sprinkle of moisture followed them.

As the next group walked onto that green the rain became much heavier accompanied by a background of loud claps of thunder.

Then, as flashes of lightning seemed to be getting closer, the hooter sounded, warning everyone to evacuate the course. Eventually 28 players, 28 carts, 28 caddies and some officials gathered in the shelter of the clubhouse,

During the next two hours the rain would ease, teasing that we might go back out, but then come back heavier still, and the lightning got closer. As it was getting late and it seemed play was not possible in the near term, stumps were drawn.

The golf course is in such great condition, and the players were enjoying it, that it was a shame to not get on the A nine and complete the round.

Then came some great customer service as we were offered rain check vouchers where, when we return to make use of those vouchers, we will pay only half the already heavily discounted price. That’s how to treat your customers, thanks Laem Chabang.

Day over, it was back to Pattaya where hardly any rain had fallen at all, of course!!

Up until a few weeks ago, we would have come back to Links Bar where the ladies would have served us a nice cooked meal and we would have a cold beer, or drink of choice.

Nowadays, sadly, since we are not currently playing competition, there were no presentations to be done so it was drop the bags off, have a quick chat and head off home. Better days are ahead.

We will meet again on Wednesday and hope for a rain free round. As Thailand needs rain badly, we are quite happy for a deluge, after we finish…