LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…Laem Chabang…B+C…Fri…Apr.23….S/ford  




On a course in very good condition, although a little wet, Paul Durkan raced through the first nine, the B course, in just 33 shots for a stableford score of 24 points, which included one eagle and three birdies.

The second nine was the harder C course and, here, he fell apart, only scoring 20 pointsfor a final 18 hole total of 44 points, 71 gross.

What a round of golf from a #7 handicap!  Was he pleased with himself? That would be a yes, judging by the non-stop grin after arriving back to the bar to tell the story.

 We are sure the bell would have rung, if we were allowed to have a beer in this current climate.

Needless to say, Paul left the rest of the field in his wake, but it was ‘Moxey’, again in contention, by winning yet another countback to take second place with 36 points. This from the man who once or twice moaned that he never wins countbacks.

Those two were in the last group, and so was Michael Blumhagen who, also having 36 points, lost that countback to take third spot.

Two time April winner, Colin Service, had another good game and took fourth place with 34 points, while Peter Lacey finished fifth on 31 points.

 Winners at Laem Chabang

 1st  Place – Paul Durkan (7)  –  44 pts

2nd  Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 36 pts  c/back

3rd Place –Michael Blumhagen (6) – 36 pts

4th Place –  Colin Service (20) –34 pts

5th Place –  Peter Lacey (11) – 31 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Mark On – 18 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Greg Ignatieff – 16 pts


The weather stayed fine and hot, although there was some distant rumbling of thunder.  There was a sprinkle of moisture for a few minutes, but never a threat of anything more than that.

 We played preferred lies as it was reported that the course was a little wet and, as it turned out, the C course was wetter than the B course, and there were quite a few muddy and plugged balls, which makes Paul Durkan’s round even more meritorious.

While Laem Chabang keeps the terrific price of 1900 bht all-in, they will be seeing a lot of Links Golf.

As a note for those curious about the lack of ‘near pins’. It has been decided that we will play ‘near pins’ for fields of 20 or more persons, which means more chance of a podium place for a good score on the day.

 𝑷𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒐: Winner, Paul Durkan, with his buddy, Phil Davies.

              Check the Smile!