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Peter Lacey Does it Again

Ah! We amateur golfers, we never know how our game will be on a given day, one day up, next day down.

We started the golfing week with a big 45 points from Kevin LaBar at Burapha, and it all went downhill from there as the best score we could find this day was 34 points from Peter Lacey which, considering the rest of the eighteen players, is not such a bad score. It is just a month since his last Green Jacket, so he was ready again.

For some reason, even the ‘good golfers’ struggled for a score here. Paul Smith, handicap #4, is usually somewhere in the mix and, even with 32 points, took second spot.

Smithy’s playing partner, Steve Moxey, also had 32 points but was beaten on countback, again, and held third place.

Mike Tottenham has been consistent recently and he also won a countback on 30 points to grab fourth place.

This course is in terrific condition, the fairways well grassed and the greens, as always, in good condition and with good pace.

The weather for the first nine was hot and humid with no breeze, so many were already a little weary at the half way. However, a much hoped for breeze did make it’s way in and playing became more comfortable.

Some really perked up. Dave Arataki had just 8 points on the front nine and then 20 points on the home stretch.

Even though there were quite a few other groups out, many of them were started on a different nine, but those groups ahead of us kept a good pace, so our players were not held up and finished in good time.


Near Pins: Paul Anderson (A3), Paul Smith (A5), Dave Arataki (B3), Serge Straeten (B8)


 Winners at Khao Kheow

 1st  Place – Peter Lacey (11) – 34 pts

2nd Place – Paul Smith (4) – 32 pts c/back

3rd Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 32 pts

4th Place –  Mike Tottenham (21) – 30 pts c/back


Best Front Nine (non winners) – Martin Patch – 15 pts

 Best Back Nine (non winners) – John Chelo – 15 pts

 During the second nine, that black cloud started to hover again, but never looked like it might rain and we stayed dry.

Photo:  Winner, Peter Lacey, with Phil Davies