Links Golf Society……….Greenwood…A+B……….Mon. Jun.8………S/Ford.

Wet Track No Barrier for Tommy


It’s been raining at Greenwood Golf Course and the fairways, although looking terrific, are very soft underfoot and the greens a little damp. The sign in the clubhouse showed ‘A’ course greens speed at 7.8 and 8.9 for ‘B’ course. Perhaps, because of the dampness, a little slower than that.

However, this did not slow down Tommy Marshall who handed in an excellent score card of 39 points which, from his handicap of  #5 is 74 gross, a top class effort.

The names we have seen a lot of recently, Lawrie McBride, Bill Copeland and Martin Patch all came in with 35 points on their cards, maintaining their solid form.

Once again, we were given the okay to start when ready and, after rounding up Mike Firkin, our first group teed off about 20 minutes early and then, with almost no-one else on the course, made good time to complete the round in just under four hours.

Once again, the weather looked threatening and, again, there was the sound of far off thunder. Unlike our last visit here where one group was caught in the rain and needed to stop awhile, this time there were no stops and all finished nice and dry.

Our price today was a sports day 600 bht but Greenwood also has some good pricing for other days of the week.

Now is the rainy season, so a harder time of year for those who must use carts, as some, not all, courses will keep carts on the cart path only.

Our 20 players today, once again, had an enjoyable day out at a fine golf course.